The Luupe's Most Popular Stories, Conversations, and Curated Image Collections of 2022

The Luupe's Most Popular Stories, Conversations, and Curated Image Collections of 2022

The Luupe's Most Popular Stories, Conversations, and Curated Image Collections of 2022

by The Luupe

From our annual year-end best photobooks roundup to conversations with influential creative influencers, we look back at our most widely read features of 2022.

Closing out a pivotal and productive year, we highlight the features that resonated most with our readers. It's a balanced mix of helpful how-tos for creators, and conversations with dynamic women and non-binary creatives shaping visual culture.
We encourage you to spend some time with each of these and let us know what you think! If you have a story tip or pitch for 2023, please feel free to reach out anytime.
For the third year in a row, we highlight photobooks that made an impact on us and show limitless perspectives and ways of seeing.
Photographers Jess T. Dugan, D'Angelo Lovell Williams, and Judith Joy Ross, use portraiture as a tool to explore our shared humanity. Many photographers thoughtfully, and creatively address the pandemic and its impacts, often with unexpected and experimental hues, and others look at the joy, beauty, and sustenance of food in new ways.
When many people think of business stories, their first thought isn't always groundbreaking photography – but it should be. Over the past decade-plus, thanks to photo director Jane Yeomans, Bloomberg Businessweek has been publishing some of the most compelling photography from some of today's most creative photographers to keep their stories warm, unexpected, and visually fresh. We spoke with Yeomans to learn more about her career and insights into visual storytelling and creative collaboration.
In a celebration of firsts – from Anna Atkins, the nineteenth-century mother of cyanotype photography to Dana Scruggs, the first Black woman to photograph a cover for Rolling Stone Magazine – we look at the inspiring contributions of women and non-binary photographers to the medium's history, present, and future.
Editorial, commercial, and art photography don’t always live in distinct bubbles. Brands often hire photographers for commercial jobs based on their personal or editorial work – a portfolio showing off their style and vision. And for many photo editors and content producers today, the ability to be a creative chameleon is key to keeping a career interesting.
Netflix's Emily Shornick is a perfect example of a photo editor and art director who has built a career straddling genres helping photographers and making sure visual storytelling continues to evolve.
Commercial food photography trends come and go, but what keeps brands, consumers, editors, and creative directors looking is a sense of celebration, curiosity, and experimentation.
These photos from Luupe photographers succeed in all of that. Sometimes they're bold and brash, at others, delicate and naturally lit. And still, others pull from pop art with fresh new vibes, while others are just...hilarious.
As non-binary perspectives become more visible, brands are changing how they use photography to represent gender. A beautiful, celebratory "non-binary gaze" is taking form and making itself known.
Brands like Orbitz, Mastercard, Starbucks, Nike, Apple, and Sephora are running campaigns that bring these perspectives to the forefront. And photographers who are approaching the non-binary and trans gaze specifically in commercial photography are influencing the narratives brands tell, both through their personal work and larger brand campaigns.
We look at photographers in Nigeria, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Algeria, and Uganda who offer an authentic lens to food photography and culture. While many brands fly photographers in from overseas, collaborating locally can save on travel budgets (with a greater return to the photographers) and lend an insider vision and sense of credibility.
When the Supreme court overturned Roe V. Wade, we were motivated to explore how photographers have been addressing the ongoing struggles of maternal health and reproductive rights.

From photojournalism to conceptual photography, collage, and documentary film, their diverse perspectives and stories are told using a range of visual tools and media.
Creative roles are becoming more racially, culturally, and gender diverse, but there's still a lack of fat bodies in these spaces – a gap and opportunity for better body representation. Laura Delarato, an expert on travel, sex, body image, and.... pasta – consistently offers sharp and funny insights on where and how this might change.
The Luupe speaks with the influential writer, creative director, and "Bronx-born weirdo" about her work, recent book, how to beat creative burnout, and building accessible and inclusive visual culture.
In celebration of Hispanic American Heritage month, we draw attention to photographers across the United States who identify as Hispanic/ Latina/Latine and Latinx.
From Penny De Los Santos' thoughtful look into food-as-storytelling to Catalina Kulczar's dynamic portraits of celebrities and everyday people, these photographers have unique ways of seeing in their personal work and the images they capture for publications and brands.
For Valentine's Day, we asked women and non-binary photographers to share their visions of love. From romantic gestures to moments of joy, family, and togetherness, it's a diverse and global hug – rich, fiery, warm, complicated –sometimes humorous– and, almost always, real.
For Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we curated a collection of photographs that showcase the many ways we embrace ourselves, our bodies, our experiences, and our perspectives.
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