Eighteen Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Photographers To Celebrate and Hire

Eighteen Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Photographers To Celebrate and Hire

Eighteen Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Photographers To Celebrate and Hire

by The Luupe

These photographers have an exciting range of styles, influences, and cultural origins, and are everything but a monolith.

In celebration of Hispanic American Heritage month, we're drawing attention to photographers across the United States who identify as Hispanic/ Latina/Latine and Latinx.
From Penny De Los Santos' thoughtful look into food as a storytelling tool to Catalina Kulczar's dynamic portraits of celebrities and everyday people, these photographers have unique ways of seeing in their personal work and the images they capture for publications and brands.
We invite and encourage you to get familiar with their work and consider collaborating with them on your next project.
▲ © Penny De Los Santos
Work with Penny!
Penny De Los Santos is a queer Latinx photographer and director based in New York City. She trained as a visual storyteller and photographer the first 10 years of her career with National Geographic Magazine. Her photographs have received numerous grants, fellowships, and awards nationally and abroad.
De Los Santos work tells the world’s many stories through food. This ranges from commercial and advertising photography for global food and travel brands to deeply personal work focusing on her career-long mission to document Latinx culture around the US and Latin America.
On the editorial side, she has traveled to over 30 countries on assignment for magazines including National Geographic, Time, and Bon Appetit, with an ongoing focus on how food can be a source of conversation, storytelling, and a bridge to unite people across different cultures.
▲ © Cyn Lagos
Work with Cyn!
Cyn Lagos uses a range of digital tools – from Street Photography to Film and Graphic Design – to tell impacting visual stories. Graphic Design has a direct influence on her photography, which often uses bold colors and geometry to tell the stories that are “unique fingerprints of the different souls living in them.”
Her work has been praised by global tech companies like Skillshare, Google, and Instagram, and she was awarded the notable Adobe Creative Residency, where she mentored young artists to create visual stories with an empathetic lens.
Cyn’s goal is to further the education of Photography, Graphic Design, and emerging technologies through public speaking and online platforms that connect and strengthen the value of community.
▲ © Celeste Martearena
Work with Celeste!

Celeste Martearena fell in love with photography when she was seven and began taking it seriously during her teenage years, which led her to pursue a degree in audiovisual production,advertising art direction, photo direction and cinematography.
Her career took off in 2008 when she began photographing for advertising agencies, brands, musicians and fashion and editorial clients including Coca-Cola, Huggie, Microsoft, Sony Music, Avon, and many more.“Passion is my ultimate guideline,” says Martearena. “In every second of my life where I shall find light, there will also stand my obsession to interpret it, translate it, treat it as my own to project feelings and ideas.”
When you look at her work, these words ring true, from her bold and highly directed use of light and color, to her sharp and consistent sense of wit and humor.
▲ © Linda Campos
Work with Linda!
Linda Campos is a Boston-based food, travel, and lifestyle photographer. Born and raised in Texas, she’s the youngest of six children and proud to be a first-generation Mexican-American. Her sophisticated attention to color, and her use of natural and studio light make food delectable and inviting.
Campos’ work has been featured by The New York Times, Boston Magazine, Real Simple, Yankee Magazine, Edible Boston, Travel and Leisure, and Dwell Magazine.

▲ © Amanda Lopez
Work with Amanda!
Amanda Lopez is a Mexican-American editorial and commercial photographer from California. When she was seventeen, her father lent her his camera and photography quickly became her passion.
Her recent personal series and zine, Guadalupe, balances warm, LA-light soaked portraits, still lifes, and reportage as an homage to the patron saint Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Whether on an assignment or photographing members of her family or friends, Lopez' looks for a balance of strength, vulnerability, and tenacity. Clients include Netflix, Instagram, ESPN, and The Washington Post. Her work has also been collected by The Smithsonian.

▲ © Jimena Peck
Work with Jimena!
Jimena Peck is an Argentinian photographer currently based outside of Denver, Colorado, United States. After receiving her BA in Journalism and visual communications and participating in many photography workshops, she now works as a full-time freelance editorial and documentary photographer.
Her documentary work looks at the lives of indigenous and rural communities in Latin America. Her editorial subjects are diverse - from portraiture, food, land, and agriculture to travel and documentary assignments.
Peck is currently researching and working on a long-term project about Yerba Mate’s history, cultural significance, and modern cultivation in her home country, Argentina.

▲ © Leomary Rodriguez
Work with Leomary!
Leomary Rodriguez is a Dominican-American photographer and an award-winning cinematographer. She currently lives in The Bronx, New York, and is a
graduate of the University at Buffalo’s Media Studies program. Leomary is the Program Director at NFFTY - The National Film Festival for Talented Youth the world’s largest film festival for emerging directors.
She is a member of various filmmaking and photography collectives where she provides portfolio reviews for emerging creatives. Leomary is passionate about portraiture and telling documentary-styled stories through photos and videos. You can find her @directedbyleo on most social media platforms or www.directedbyleo.com

▲ © Deb Leal
Work with Deb!
Deb Leal’s photography and video work explores time, color, and form— often inspired by her interest in metaphysics and rituals from her Chicano upbringing.
From photos of drag nightlife in NYC and San Francisco shot for Mac Cosmetics to soulful black and white portraits of boxers at Ace Boxing Club, an Indigenous non-profit organization in Milwaukee, WI, Leal consistently demonstrates an ability to capture the many expressions of human experience and identity.

Leal's work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals including The deYoung Art Museum, San Francisco, CA; and Connecting Perspectives, Consulate General of Canada in New York. Her work has also been archived in Musée Magazine’s “No. 26: Spaces”, AI-AP's "American Photography 38", and has appeared in Vogue and The New York Times.
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▲ © Elizabeth Diaz
Work with Elizabeth!
Elizabeth Diaz was born and raised in New York. She is a freelance photographer and currently working as a documentarian and portrait photographer in NYC and Westchester County, NY.
Diaz has taken her Journalism and Photography education from Edinboro University, her experience working in the streets of NYC, and has dedicated her time to capturing local stories, portraits, and art. Recent clients include Raul Frank Boxing @ Gleason's Gym, NeighborSchools, Startup Company, 914United and the rapper Jae Pierce.

▲ © Andrea Arevalo
Work with Andrea!
Andrea Arevalo is a Cuban-Venezuelan American photographer specializing in still life and portraiture. She has a versatile mastery of natural and artificial light and its ability to tell a brand, or person's story.

Originally from Miami and now based in Oakland, California, she works with commercial and editorial clients like Nike, UN Women, The Wall Street Journal, and Compound Butter Magazine to create bold imagery and tell moving stories.

Andrea is also a member of By And For, a collective of BIPOC photographers donating photography to BIPOC-owned small businesses in the Bay Area.
▲ © Ximena Natera
Work with Ximena!
Ximena Natera is a photographer and reporter born and raised in México City. She has been a member of the Red de Periodistas de a Pie since 2013, a national journalist network that trains journalists in contexts of violence in the country. This experience has shaped her practice and understanding of storytelling, focusing her work around human rights, stories of resilience, and collective memory.
Her work has been recognized by the Gabriel García Márquez Award of Iberian American Journalism and the Pictures of the Year Latam. As a student, she has been a fellow for journalism programs at the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo in Colombia and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.
In 2019 she was awarded the Jan Mulder Scholarship to pursue specialized education in documentary photography at the International Center of Photography in New York. Notable clients include Mother Jones, Unicef, and many more.

▲ © Shirley Cruz
Work with Shirley!
Shirley Cruz is a bilingual, first-generation-born and raised New Yorker, photographer, director, and FAA-certified drone pilot. She was interested in photography, film, and directing from a young age, driven by the desire to capture the human experience through a lens.
She specializes in fashion, editorial, commercial and documentary work for brands Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, Belevedere Vodka, Makeup For Ever, Spotify, and more. Cruz and her husband also run their own video and photo production company Extra Syrup.

▲ © Rosana Guay
Work with Rosana!
Rosana Guay is a Venezuelan food photographer & stylist based in Los Angeles. Her work uses an editorial aesthetic and approach help brands tell their stories with a focus on food and beverage campaigns.
Guay has vast experience collaborating with clients and building audiences worldwide through compelling imagery, creative strategy, and a unique perspective. Before venturing out as a photographer, she spent 8 years in TV/Film production at Netflix, Sony Pictures and ABC.
▲ © Josefina F. Moran
Work with Josefina!
Josefina F. Moran is a portrait and fine art photographer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She uses portraiture as a way to discover the identity of the people she photographs. This ranges from photographs of her mother to several series on adolescent girls that capture the pivotal moments in their lives.
Moran is one of the recipients of the 2020 En Foco Fellowship, and her work has been exhibited extensively throughout New York City. She is also a faculty member at the International Center of Photography, collaborates with photographer Harvey Stein to teach workshops in Argentina during Carnaval, and continues to teach photography in her native Buenos Aires.
▲ © Jordana Sheara
Work with Jordana!
Jordana Sheara is a Colombian and Dutch photographer based in Los Angeles. She thrives on pursuing of unique angles to tell a more intriguing visual story.
Her strong sense of human connection and innate ability to compose a frame run consistently throughout her work, be it travel, lifestyle, portraiture or dining.
Sheara has photographed all around the world, including Colombia, Cuba, Japan, and all across Western Europe. Notable clients include British Vogue, A+E Networks Latin America, Dropbox, The Sierra Club, Refinery 29, Travelzoo, Peloton, Caviar, Seychelles, Sweet Green, and Tartine.
▲ © Helynn Ospina
Work with Helynn!
A lifelong search for meaning, beauty, and identity has taken Helynn Ospina down an unconventional path to photography. As a first-generation immigrant, she has always felt like an outsider, both in her American life and her Colombian heritage.
Even as a child in her own household, where the focus was confined by necessity to survival and stability, Helynn always yearned to experience life in a more profound way. It was this spirit that emboldened Helynn to join the Marine Corps, propelled her to earn her undergraduate degree in biology, and established a successful career in biotech. Her quest to live an impassioned life led her to earn her MFA and pursue a photography career.

Today Helynn balances her fine art photography while working with commercial and editorial clients throughout the West Coast, Florida, and Colombia. An intuitive storyteller with a cinematic eye, she has photographed actors, activists, artists, business leaders, and profile subjects for leading newspapers and magazines. She has also created campaigns for well-known brands like AirBnb.
▲ © Catalina Kulczar
Work with Catalina!
Catalina Kulczar was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Hungarian parents. She comes from a long line of immigrants and strong-willed women who have survived wars, the Nazis, and tremendous upheaval in search of a better life “elsewhere,” always with their optimism and sense of humor intact.
Catalina’s photography and directorial work is rooted in the inspirational world she envisions for young women – from her personal projects to working with brands like Casper and Warby Parker, and organizations like Lincoln Center and The Type Directors Club.

A natural storyteller who connects easily and authentically with her subjects and what drives them, Catalina's personal work tends to be project-based. She often uses groups of portraits to convey a larger theme, frequently exploring topics rooted in women’s roles in contemporary work and society. Many of these stories focus on individual women who have courageously overcome resistance and obstacles in their paths.
▲ © Nicole Godinez
Work with Nicole!

Nicole Godinez is a Latina editorial portrait and fashion photographer from Los Angeles, California. As a photographer of over 10 years, she’s drawn to capturing images of people and places in their natural element, true to the natural essence, with an eye for discovering the dreamy aspect of each shoot.
“As a native Angeleno,” Godinez tells The Luupe, “I like to think I shoot with a blend of my upbringing; of the color and feel of my culture. I am always looking for the magical in-between moments that photography can capture.” Clients include brands and publications like REVOLVE, FWRD, Hija De Tu Madre, Kohls, Flaunt Magazine, and Pepsi.
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