Announcing The 2022 Luupe Award Winners

Announcing The 2022 Luupe Award Winners

Announcing The 2022 Luupe Award Winners

by Amanda Jaquin

We're proud to feature a selection of the best work from The Luupe creator community in 2022. Congrats on a productive and inspiring year!

2022 was a prolific year for The Luupe's creator community. To celebrate, we launched our first-ever Luupe Awards, highlighting some of the best commercial, editorial, and personal photography and video from The Luupe's 1000+ members.
It's a wide range of bright, impressive, and often unexpected content in eight categories that shows the depth and creative talent of our community. Voting was open to our members and editorial team, and with so much great work, there were even a couple of ties!
Without further ado...

1) Best Brand Campaign: Sedona Turbeville for Meati

© Sedona Turbeville for Meati
Work with Sedona!

2) Luupe Image of the Year: Adriana Parrilla for Boston Consulting Group

© Adriana Parrilla/ The Luupe for BCG Paris
Work with Adriana!

3) Creative Use of Social Video for a Brand: Shirley Cruz for Tommy Hilfiger

"This year one of my favorite and rewarding jobs was as a photographer and director for Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive campaign. I got to work with inspiring talent (Chelsea Werner, Kiara Marshall, and Jessie Chin) who shared their stories of strength and the importance of having their own autonomy when it comes to fashion and self-expression." © Shirley Cruz
Work with Shirley!

4) Social Impact: Lauren Pusateri for A Real Nice Lady

"A Real Nice Lady is an ongoing portrait and interview series highlighting lady-identifying people that are making an impact in our community and deserve to be celebrated." © Lauren Pusateri for A Real Nice Lady
Work with Lauren!

5) Best Editorial Image: We have a tie! Kandice Chavous for & Sabina Miklowitz

"This image was part of my project for It was based on Icarus' flight that was too close to the sun causing his wings to melt."
Somali © Kandice Chavous for
Work with Kandice!
"This image is from a fashion editorial I shot at Coney Island with a small team consisting of a model (Nyamuoch Girwath), a wardrobe stylist (Angelina Scantlebury), and a makeup artist (Remi Odunsi). I've always loved Coney Island as it feels like something of an anachronism; the boardwalk and Nathan's Famous have remained unchanged for decades despite the world changing around them, and there's something fascinatingly seedy about beach-front amusement parks and the characters who can be found there. The flamboyant styling and glam makeup reflect the over-the-top nature of this classic Brooklyn landmark--utterly unique, unfettered, and unapologetic." © Sabina Miklowitz
Work with Sabina!

6) Makes You Smile: Tobi Sobowale

"SKIN is a project that explores the dynamism and complexities of the bodily form. Embodying black women and their softness, this project uses movement and form to explore the women’s vulnerability and delicateness. This body of work is about embrace, self-love, and empowerment."
Photographer/ Creative Direction: Tobi Sobowale
Muse: Thuthukani Musa
Make-up Artist: Riana Juma
Photo Assistant: Alissa Lang and Shade Thompson © Tobi Sobowale
Work with Tobi!

7) Cutest Pet: We have a tie!
Kate T. Parker + Reva Keller

"This campaign we shot for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for their Strong 4 Life initiative that encourages kids and parents to raise resilient, safe, and happy kids. The goal of the shoot was to get imagery that felt real and true to life. We didn't need only happy, smiling subjects but also welcomed frustrated, angry, and sometimes sad faces. This is how I love to shoot, so we suggested that instead of hiring talent and trying to "create" emotion and the honest messiness of life, let's find real families who will allow us into their homes to capture it in a photojournalistic style. The client was on board and I am so happy with the images we captured, they feel so real and honest to me and the emotions are so raw." © Kate T. Parker
Work with Kate!
Seattle to Santa Barbara, I5 South. "I snapped this on a road trip in the spring, and this pup definitely makes me smile!" © Reva Keller
Work with Reva!

8) Boundary-Pushing Personal Project: Helynn Ospina

"This is from a personal project I created for Halloween inspired by Disney's Hocus Pocus character Winifred Sanderson. I recreated all three witches from the movie featuring BIPOC models and elevating their look to be more fashion-focused." © Helynn Ospina
Work with Helynn!
Amanda Jaquin
Amanda Jaquin is brand experience manager at The Luupe where she brings energy and sparkle emojis to marketing, design, and community engagement. She lives in Buffalo, NY, hates pickles, loves solving puzzles, and has a million tabs open right now.
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