Global Photoshoot Rates Database

Global Photoshoot Rates Database

Global Photoshoot Rates Database

by The Luupe

Join The Luupe in creating transparency for creators everywhere and supporting our mission to make content creation more equitable.

To create more transparency for creators, we are asking you to (confidentially) share rates and details about your recent photo assignments in order to gain access to our growing database of global submissions. As the creator economy changes, we'd like to get a better sense of how payment is evolving with it. All submissions are anonymous.

The more data we collect, the more insights we’ll be able to share and help creators get fairly paid. Scroll on for a preview of recently submitted rates and then submit your own to access the full database. 👀
Recently Submitted Rates:
Hundreds of photographers have submitted rates so far — join them to get access to the entire database.
Submit your rate(s) to view the entire database.
Not a photographer? Share with your friends and network to help amplify our project.
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The Luupe
The Luupe is a one-stop production platform designed to help brands collaborate with underrepresented photographers across the globe, providing resources and opportunities that boost creator’s impact and income, while streamlining traditional workflows to create high quality, diverse content, at scale. Our brand purpose is to help underrepresented photographers and creators further their career and generate income with the goal of improving diversity in front of and behind the lens in the commercial photography industry.
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