Visualizing Sweetgreen's Nationwide Expansion
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Visualizing Sweetgreen's Nationwide Expansion

Visualizing Sweetgreen's Nationwide Expansion

by The Luupe

Rapidly expanding across the US, Sweetgreen recognized the need to show up consistently in feeds for their loyal following of salad lovers. We made it easy for them to share fresh imagery that reflects the local team, culture, and ingredients of each new restaurant, a vital strategy for their growth.

The Ask

Sweetgreen's expansion plan involved opening stores across the United States, necessitating fresh imagery for each new location. They sought images that not only showcased their physical spaces but also highlighted their team dynamics, vibrant culture, and fresh ingredients – all essential components of their brand identity.

The Solution

The Luupe's collaboration with Sweetgreen proved to be transformative. By leveraging a network of skilled photographers across the country, The Luupe acted as an extension of Sweetgreen's team, ensuring consistent and high-quality imagery for each new store opening. A big win: our exterior images outperformed all other Sweetgreen posts – both organic and paid.

Our Magic:

1. Time-Saving: The Luupe's streamlined process significantly reduced the timeline from concept to delivery, ensuring Sweetgreen's visual content was fresh and timely.
2. Localized Approach: With photographers on the ground in every state, The Luupe enabled Sweetgreen to authentically reflect the diverse communities it serves, aligning with the brand's ethos of inclusivity.
3. Fast Delivery: Speed to Market: Our efficient model ensured content was ready within just two days of shooting, enabling Sweetgreen to swiftly execute their marketing initiatives without compromising on momentum or quality.
"We're opening new stores across the US and needed a partner who could handle the volume of production while ensuring that the content reflects the diversity of our customers in every city. The Luupe's all-in-one marketplace was the perfect solution."


Sweetgreen's expansion paired with The Luupe's visual storytelling expertise demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships in marketing. This collaboration not only showcases Sweetgreen’s commitment to quality and community but also highlights The Luupe's capability to meet dynamic market demands with innovative visual content solutions.
At The Luupe, we are redefining how brands like Sweetgreen engage with global audiences through authentic and locally resonant visual narratives. Our mission is to amplify diverse perspectives and elevate brand storytelling, making every campaign not just seen, but felt.
The Luupe
The Luupe is a one-stop production company that is raising the bar for professional brand imagery on a global scale. With a highly curated and diverse network of professional women and non-binary photo and video creators across 80+ countries around the world, we are reinventing how brands produce original, local, and authentic visual stories that connect with a global audience. Our mission is to champion and amplify diverse perspectives from around the world — in front of and behind the lens.
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