Capturing Authentic Moments for Corkcicle's New Product Lines
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Capturing Authentic Moments for Corkcicle's New Product Lines

Capturing Authentic Moments for Corkcicle's New Product Lines

by The Luupe

At The Luupe, we seamlessly integrate authentic, relatable content creation with strategic, efficient production processes. Our collaboration with Corkcicle highlights their latest products through genuine lifestyle imagery and dynamic videos.

Authentic Visual Storytelling

Our photographers and videographers capture Corkcicle products in everyday settings — from bustling city scenes to tranquil suburban moments. This approach not only reflects the brand's versatility but also connects with the audience on a personal level.

Effective Production

By sending products directly to our photographers across various locations, Corkcicle enjoys a swift, streamlined content creation process. This method cuts traditional production timelines, resulting in faster times to market without sacrificing quality.

Consistent Quality Across Channels

Corkcicle's consistent, high-quality visual content, created by The Luupe's network of creatives, supports their multi-platform marketing campaigns. From social media to website e-commerce, our content drives engagement and enhances Corkcicle's brand presence.

Impactful Collaboration:

Through our partnership, Corkcicle leverages The Luupe's global network to amplify their storytelling, ensuring each product launch is visually compelling and strategically executed. This collaboration not only boosts Corkcicle's visibility but also reinforces our commitment to authentic and meaningful brand storytelling.
The Luupe is dedicated to producing original, locally resonant visual stories that connect globally. Our work with Corkcicle exemplifies our core belief that diverse perspectives tell better brand stories.
The Luupe
The Luupe is a one-stop production company that is raising the bar for professional brand imagery on a global scale. With a highly curated and diverse network of professional women and non-binary photo and video creators across 80+ countries around the world, we are reinventing how brands produce original, local, and authentic visual stories that connect with a global audience. Our mission is to champion and amplify diverse perspectives from around the world — in front of and behind the lens.
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