24 Mouthwatering Photos of Snacks from Around the World

24 Mouthwatering Photos of Snacks from Around the World

24 Mouthwatering Photos of Snacks from Around the World

by The Luupe

Take a global snack-tasting tour with these 24 images that celebrate sweet, savory, and everything-in-between treats from around the world

Let's dive into the irresistible world of global snack foods, captured through the lens of incredible women and non-binary artists around the world. From nostalgic childhood treats and regional flavors to new favorites that captivate taste buds today — this collection is bound to make you hungry.
Header image © Yone Liau

“Samosas and Pakoras are an any-day, any-time snack. These delicious ones were photographed for a client Chef Bombay.” - Kimberly Lee
“My favorite sweet snacks from my childhood, which I always dreamed of.” - Babs Gorniak
“This junk food scene is an homage to childhood sleepovers. We had old, blue carpet in the TV room of my childhood home, so I wanted to pay homage to the nights spent with friends in that space. I also really wanted an excuse to buy Dunkaroos...” - Linnea Bullion
“A jaffle by chef Vusi Ndlovu for Boma. Jaffles are an iconic snack in South Africa cooked over a fire in a round jaffle iron and often filled with curry mince. This one has the ingredients you'll also find in a braaibrooodjie: cheese, tomato and onion.” - Alix-Rose Cowie
“This image shot for Comfypup brings back the nostalgia of pizza on greasy paper plates that was a staple at birthday parties and almost any other significant event. Styled by Malina Syvoravong with Michael Walker.” - Kell Lorenz
“Cocktail Shifak, a Lebanese-Style Smoothie Parfait, photographed for Reem Assil's astonishing cookbook, Aribayya. Perhaps a most perfect snack, somewhere between a drink and dessert, Reem describes Cocktail Shifak fruit parfaits as being served by street corner vendors and in cafes all over Lebanon, contrasting tart berries, hunks of fruit, velvety sweet avocado and blossomy ashta cream with sweet nuttiness from the honey-almond topping.” - Alanna Hale
“This was photographed for King Arthur Baking Company's 2023 "Recipe of the Year," which is coffee cake. The birthday cake coffee cake was a fun spin on all the ways you can make coffee cake exciting depending on the occasion or the crowd!” - Danielle Sykes
“Jerk tacos for the win! Bursting with flavor, these are best enjoyed with friends and love ones. The photo is from Jocelyn Delk Adams Everyday Grand Cookbook.” - Brittany Conerly
“What's more American comfort food than a PB+J? For this shoot I zoomed in on all the messy details.” - Rebecca Peloquin
“A Lunar New Year is never complete with a "新年點心盤" snack platter or candy box to nibble from. Served before, during and after any meal. From candies to No. 9 Taiwan peanuts. In any household, it's not just an aperitif but it's for the hosting and for bearing these bountiful blessings into the new year. You will never find it empty as refilling is also the treat.” - Yone Liau
“My daughter's favorite snack is cotton candy which sticks to teeth while eating. However, it's the taste of her (and also my) childhood. On every festival and in any amusement parks it was her main goal to buy cotton candy.” - Marta Szyszka
“Swedish people are crazy for their candy and snacking on a big bag of gummy and liquorice sweets is commonplace. This image is a celebration of lördagsgodis or Saturday candy when children hit the pick-n-mix to collect their weekly treat. The colours, textures and flavours, what is not to love!” - Meredith Andrews
“I have a running Food Heritage personal project series, and one of the series focused on snack foods of the Mediterranean. There are 21 Mediterranean countries, so there is a wealth of snack foods both well-known around the world and even more yet to be popularized! These crispy chickpeas are a favorite of mine.” - Doaa Elkady
“I call this a summer beach snack because this is the exact food my parents would bring with us to the beach, and we all loved it. It brings back a lot of beautiful memories.” - Katija Zivkovic
“I'd love to know if anybody else grew up eating "Ants on a Log" because every time I mention it people's eyes glaze over. I always enjoyed eating celery, peanut butter and raisins as a kid - the more ants the merrier.” - Sarah Wright
“On summer days, the ice cream melts and gets all over your hands, but that's part of the joy!” - Nicole Busken
“Mornings made better with cereal and a pop of strawberry sweetness - a symphony of taste and texture in each spoonful.🍓🥣” - Maria Squires
“Fresh ube is difficult to find outside of the Philippines, so in order to make this pie, I subbed the ube for Purple Stokes sweet potato. The two tubers are not the same; ube is a yam, while the Purple Stokes is a sweet potato, but I enhanced the pie with ube flavouring for good measure. The result is my North American "ube" pie, a love letter to one of my favourite classic ingredients—and flavours—from the Philippines, my motherland.” - Issha Marie Onoya
“For 420, I wanted to showcase the very local snacks from my hometown. With stylist Zachary Ioannucci, who's also a Philadelphia native, I produced and shot a messy session that morphed into a photo series. We're calling it 'Munchies, but make it Philly.” - Cielito M Vivas
© Jessie Clapp / The Luupe for LesserEvil
“French toast in process. Shoutout to Modern Bread & Bagel for the best gluten-free challah!” - Rachel Steiner
“Conceptional version of Pane e Pomodoro” - Rana Duzyol
“Næra is an Icelandic popped cheese snack, run by an amazing female founder who has such a passion for creating nourishing snacks. I photographed this bag of snacks at a volcanic eruption, it was quite an epic backdrop for a series of shots!” - Cat Gundry-Beck
“These are a couple of things that I immediately relate to my childhood. One is the "poppins" colourful fruit candy, everything from the advert to the flavour of the candy till today screams the nostalgia of school days.” - Aroshaliny Godfrey
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