12 Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Creators To Hire This Year

12 Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Creators To Hire This Year

12 Hispanic and Latin American Women and Non-Binary Creators To Hire This Year

by The Luupe

From fashion to food, here are twelve artists you should have on your radar for upcoming commercial and editorial assignments

We're shining a light on some of the incredibly talented Hispanic and Latina/Latine/Latinx-identifying members of The Luupe community! From Lauren Vied Allen's mesmerizing food and beverage imagery to Jordana Bermúdez's powerful, identity-driven photojournalism — these creatives bring a diverse range of fresh perspectives, influences, and cultural backgrounds to the stories of today's top brands.
Header images © Raquel Natalicchio (L) and Sophia Calderon (R)

1) Raquel Natalicchio

Raquel Natalicchio is a bilingual photographer originally from Los Angeles, CA and now based in Houston, TX as a staff visual journalist for The Houston Chronicle. Raquel documents social issues, community driven stories, political mobilization and migration across the US/Mexico border. Her work focuses on the universality of humanity, including themes of love, struggle, resilience and community. She is currently working on a long term project called “Borderlands” that explores the rich diversity of experiences in border communities along the US/Mexico border.

2) Barbara Rios

Barbara is a NYC-based photographer who often travels to California and currently works as content strategist/designer at Adobe Express. She specializes in campaigns and fashion editorials and her clients include Extra Butter, Jordan + Nike, Puma, Adidas, and more.

3) Mariangela Quiroga

Maria is a Photographer & Digital Tech specializing in Commercial and Editorial photography based in Los Angeles.
Her background in piano and music performing arts gives her work a unique perspective, allowing her to fully listen and understand musician/artist needs, both in photography and motion.

4) Paula Navarro

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Paula is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Glam Creatives. Paula has a distinguished academic journey, culminating in a master’s degree in Entertainment Business and a bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking. Growing up as the daughter of the Colombian 'Queen of Infomercials,' she leveraged her knowledge to create high-performing campaigns that excel on social media platforms like Reels and TikTok. 'I ensure that your campaigns maintain brand consistency and high quality while making data-driven decisions to create content that converts within the social media ecosystem.'

5) Anatalia Anaïs Zavaleta

“Anatalia Anaïs Zavaleta. (Imagine having to learn to spell that name) LA born and raised, Alhambra is where I spent most of my days…
I am a second generation artist, raised on culture, current events, creativity, and curiosity. After packing my closet of artistic endeavors to the brim, photography remaine my most cherished medium.”

6) Lauren Vied Allen

Lauren Vied Allen is a Mexican-American photographer, motion director, and stylist focused on food and travel as a means of gaining a larger understanding of cultural identities and enriching her community.

She documents culinary traditions, food, people and the crossroads where they collide. Additionally, she collaborates alongside food media industry leads to champion women’s stories and to create compelling editorial and commercial photography.

7) Kayla Mendez

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Kayla Mendez is a Latina-Filipina fashion, lifestyle & beauty photographer based in Los Angeles. Kayla is known for her romantic imagery and ability to bring her client's vision to life through her artful use of natural light and shadow play. Her work has taken her all over the world to locations such as India, Ethiopia, Paraguay and beyond. It is her mission as a photographer to create a visual narrative filled with all the emotion and intention that makes this life so worth living.

8) Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez

Zuania is a Puerto Rican conceptual still-life photo-based visual artist, director, and set designer with a San Juan-based studio. She brings a fine art approach to commercial work, crafting one-of-a-kind photographs, photo illustrations, and stop motions.
Her creative process to create visual statements involves conceptualizing, designing sets, building props and things, and photographing her crafted installations.

9) Sophia Calderon

Sophia Calderon (b. 2001, Meridian, MS) is a Costa Rican-American photographer influenced by her unique upbringing beneath the cicada-covered trees of Mississippi and the fertile soils of San Jose, CR. Her work is characterized by a visual representation of her experiences with dual-identity, womanhood, and callings to capture pure divinity within the profound and the profane.

10) Gabriela Hasbun

As a photographer specializing in portraits, Gabriela Hasbun’s work highlights the marginalized and unexplored communities around her. Growing up between Miami and her native El Salvador, which was in the grips of a devastating civil war, Hasbun learned the importance of documenting the humanity in people others have overlooked. Her fundamental belief in the radical power of storytelling has led her to subjects like Black cowboys, fat activists, queer skateboarders, and the people of the Mission district in San Francisco.
At the heart of her photography is a celebration of the complexities of identity and the human spirit. Reveling in the unexpected, Hasbun’s work makes visible that which has gone unnoticed, and challenges how we see the world. She is always searching for projects that make a difference, question existing narratives, and subvert expectations.

11) Jordana Bermúdez

Jordana Bermúdez is a photojournalist, documentarian, and photo editor based in New York City.
Her work focuses on women's issues, gender inequality, identity, and subcultures, including her latest project, Girls Can’t Skate, about the all-female and queer skateboarding community in New York City. Having spent her whole life in Mexico, where violence against women and machismo culture is normalized, she wants to amplify the voices of women and queer.

12) Penny De Los Santos

Penny De Los Santos began photographing as a way to understand her own diverse cultural background and identity.
Born in Germany to an American military family that eventually settled in small town Texas, with generations of family history tied to the Texas-Mexico border, Penny’s background no doubt inspired curiosity about culture.
From the historical all-male dining clubs of the Basque Country to Jerusalem’s most suicide bomber besieged markets, photographing culture has been at the heart of Penny’s work. It has influenced the subject she picks and the way she makes photographs.
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