A Visual Celebration of All Things Pink

A Visual Celebration of All Things Pink

A Visual Celebration of All Things Pink

by The Luupe

We're embracing Barbiecore in celebration of a color that has taken over everyone's feeds lately 💖

Whether you're a fan of Greta Gerwig's new take on Barbie or simply can't get enough of the color pink — you'll love this showcase of bold, playful, and powerful pink pics captured by Luupe members around the world. 🛼
“A Barbie-themed self portrait. The dress I'm "wearing" is a 90s Barbie dress scored from eBay.” - Linnea Bullion
“Pink is an attitude. In my perception, it has evolved from a weak girlish color to a bold statement; it commands attention and yet has a softness to it. A perfect combination.” - Sally Montana
“Every surf Barbie needs a pink surfboard or cotton candy skies” - Cate Brown
“COLOURS. An exploration of bold colours and dynamic lighting.” - Tobi Sobowale
“I wanted a fun, punchy breakfast scene with a monochromatic look.” - Hannah Lozano Agnone
“Charlotte Tilbury for Influenster” - Amanda Suarez
“Dr. Stephenie Poris of Poris Plastic Surgery is the only female-owned plastic surgery practice in Orlando. I chose to use this as the basis for her advertising shoot concept. Using her signature pink brand color as the backdrop, I captured creative ways to depict her "breaking the mold" in a typically male dominant industry. This shoot left Dr. Poris saying "she never felt more beautiful and empowered in her life.” - Abby Liga DiDomenico
“'Shopaholic for Cirque Colors' Vice Collection” Mischelle Moy
“I was imagining someone who was lactose intolerant drinking too much milk at a party and this was the result. It makes me laugh and makes me uncomfortable which is my favourite style of image to create.” - Sarah Wright
“Still life image by Adrianna Favero, a beauty, still life, and fashion photographer working between New York and California.” - Adrianna Favero
“In addition to her busy work schedule and several creative pursuits including singing and acting, Sandra takes good care of her physical health and stays fit. This has allowed her to be an active best friend and mentor to her granddaughter Kinidi.” - Stella Kalinina
“Barbie Dreamhouse Bar. Personal Project to makeover an old Barbie Dreamhouse into a bar where each room is based on an iconic Barbie from the 70's, 80's, or 90's and has a coordinating themed cocktail.” - Gerard + Belevender
“I photographed Wonza, an actor, as part of a personal project I worked on throughout the pandemic. While I initially set out to document artists in NYC and how they were affected by the pandemic, I found myself asking questions about acceptance, resilience, hope, how to keep creating when it feels like the world is telling you to give up — questions that, as an independent artist myself, reflected my own personal experience of the pandemic that I’m still grappling with today. To me, the images demonstrate the power of personal expression, and in taking control of one’s creative freedoms — and just how much resilience is possible in the human condition.” - Katherine Pekala
“Rosy fun beauty textures shoot at my NYC studio with one of my favorite stylists, Wendy Schelah.” - Alexandra Rowley
“Why have white kitchen cabinetry when you can have pink? Photographed for the owners of Sweet Retreat, a cute short term rental accommodation in Australia.” - Natalie Jeffcott
“This was a Barbie-inspired shoot I did well before the current Barbie craze. I wanted to have fun with sparkle and glam and a gendered-twist. Barbie is for all genders!” - Tori Dickson
“I took this picture of a pink house in the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap, one of the oldest surviving residential neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa. Bo-Kaap is a historical centre for South Africa’s Cape Malay culture, and the area’s brightly painted houses - some of which date as far back as the late 1760s - are a striking mix of Cape Malay and Georgian architecture.” - Victoria Kelly
“I've passed by this bright pink wall many times in my walks through downtown LA. I never knew how to photograph it or make sense of why I was so drawn to it - until one day I saw these two friends in front of it. I loved their outfits, their energy and of course, that pink wall. I quickly was able to take their photo before they were on their way. A brief, beautiful, hot pink moment in time.” - Emily Frances Olson
“This image was shot for Alice + Olivia for a Nordstrom collaboration late last year.” - Sabina Miklowitz
“Summer in a Picture” - Tracie Davis
“Brittany Mahomes commissioned portraits when she was pregnant with Sterling. We built this set practically -- draping tulle from the ceiling (this is probably 4-6 bolts of tulle shown in this scene). The arch is gator board, painted. Throwing some gels for extra pink.” - Lauren Pusateri
“This image was from a pink prop and lighting study.” - Morgan Ione Yeager
“A test shoot I worked on a few months back with the talented food stylist Kathryn Conrad. We wanted to pair different types of salt with random foods, textures and colors to create a surreal salt story. This image is large flake sea salt, dragon tongue beans, on a handmade paper background.” - Jenny Bohr
“Seen from Westminster Bridge. London, 2017.” - Amanda Suarez
“My wine client challenged me to create festive content for NYE and rosé is typically a summer product. I wanted to fully embrace the pink palette of rosé wine but also bring in fun celebratory elements with a luxe hyper-feminine feel. Velvet tones, French macaron and a fruity cocktail with the wine as its main ingredient. Oh, and of course an explosion of light from the sparklers!” - Claire Macintyre
“Believe it or not, these are edible. Pine tree Baked Alaskas by London-based dessert specialists Chin Chin Ice Cream. Chin Chin have a really playful sense of style and wanted to take inspiration from the 90s for this shoot, where we built on a vapourwave vibe that we previously explored but switched out the blues and lilacs for pink pink pink! P.S. Yes, these taste as good as they look.” - Justine Trickett
“I spent years documenting the borderlands between Texas and Mexico for National Geographic Magazine. This was a personal project that turned into a magazine feature. I photographed the two cultures between Mexico and Texas, right along the Rio Grande (the big river), the way most of the culture and people straddled these two countries was fascinating. The food, the landscape, the culture are so familiar on both sides and yet very different.

These two ladies, twin sisters are waiting for their dates to arrive for their quinceañera.” - Penny De Los Santos
“I worked with some of my favorite collaborators at The Spin Style Agency, Stacy Suvino and Laura Cole, to create a color-themed smoothie story. I love shooting food with pink props!” - Brittany Wages
“Promotional image for a Feminist podcast 'ärhäkkä kuin äidiksi tullut' (feisty like a mom) by journalist and influencer Irene Naakka.” - Ninni West
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