5 Financial Tools Made and Managed by Women to Help Creative Leaders
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5 Financial Tools Made and Managed by Women to Help Creative Leaders

5 Financial Tools Made and Managed by Women to Help Creative Leaders

by Eleanor Innis

Whether you're a creative freelancer or working full time, this list will help you track, optimize and better understand your finances.

When you’re managing, leading, or scaling a creative business, it can be easy to forget the old adage that “there’s more to life than money.” From accounting to taxes to making big investments, there’s often a money-related to-do somewhere on your list.
With a focus on women-founded or creatively-led companies, this list features tools built to cross off those to-dos — and empower you with knowledge and systems that are critical to financial success.

1) Intuit: For Everything Budget & Bookkeeping

Intuit,led by Creative Director Nicole Parente-Lopez, offers a suite of highly rated and popular budgeting, accounting, and tax tools, including Mint and Quickbooks – top picks for professional creatives. You’ve probably seen Mint listed at the top of every list on budgeting tools and that’s because it’s one of the best. Through seamless integration to your banking tools and customizable budgeting goals, Mint gives you a minute-by-minute digest of where your finances are. The app has your back on tedious budgeting, meaning you’re free to do the work that matters to you.
As a tool that has stayed at the forefront of personal finances for over two decades, Quickbooks has had to continually innovate. For Creatives, especially those who are self-employed, the benefit is in the breadth. With its intuitive platform, Quickbooks covers all the accounting bases from income and expense tracking to invoicing to capturing and organizing receipts.

2) Alinea: For the Stock Market-Curious

Alinea is an investing app proudly women-founded and built by Gen Z. But even if you’re from an older generation you might be interested in the app’s refreshing approach to investing. With a dash of social media and a focus on social impact, Alinea gives users the ability to invest “where their mouth is.” The platform is beginner friendly, using “playlists” to create easily navigable groups of companies based on social, environmental, and other qualities. For example, you can invest in the Female-Founded playlist that brings together a diverse group of companies including Stitch Fix, Bumble, and Cisco.
Plus, all you crypto-curious folks can now invest in decentralized currencies using the app.

3) Ellevest: For Getting Real about Investing

When you’re self-employed, investing your hard earned cash is probably a last tier priority. But the stock market is a critical tool for expanding your business, growing your personal wealth, and ensuring your future. For many a traditional financial advisor is out of reach, and playing the stock market yourself is out of the question. In that case, Ellevest might be a great starting point.
Built on the idea that the financial industry was built to serve men, Ellevest is an investing platform made by women for women. With a $1, $5, or $9 membership plan, you can start investing your money with portfolio recommendations tailored to your available funds and goal targets. According to Ellevest, the methodology behind these recommendations was developed with a womens’ approach to finances in mind, which is typically focused on turning out goals rather than cashing out big. With additional features around savings, retirement, and financial advising, Ellevest is an option for women creatives who want to watch their money grow.

4) Your Juno: For Financial Education Through a Woman and Non-Binary Lens

Societal stereotypes don’t just tell us that the financial world is for men, but also that finances and creativity are at odds. That’s a double whammy if you’re a woman or non-binary creative, and it can be incredibly damaging to your potential to build wealth. If you’re looking to break free of these stereotypes and take control of your own financial literacy, look for an education-based app like Your Juno, which works to reframe finances for those outside of the boys’ club.
With a focus on closing the financial literacy gap for women and non-binary people, the Your Juno app walks you through finances from a perspective that is meaningful and actionable for these communities. Knowledge is power, and education can help you remove any fear or uncertainty you have around finances. It’s a great app to turn to if you want to build confidence while also building a platform of knowledge that will help you create financial freedom.

5) Communities on Reddit, TikTok, Slack, Discord: For Crowdsourced Financial Info and Insights

All your favorite ways to waste time can also be crucial gathering places for conversations and knowledge drops about finances. Niche communities have flocked to these apps as gathering grounds to instantly express and exchange their points of view on everything, including business and personal finance. By giving you access to real human beings with a diverse array of experiences, each of these channels gives you a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded Creatives who have been where you are.
On Reddit, r/personal finance is a popular community for all things finance with stand-out frameworks for budgeting and saving.
If you’re addicted to TikTok, optimize your scrolltime with the #moneytok or #freelancefinance community where you can discover women and non-binary finance thought leaders like @herfirst100k. (BTW – looking for some quick TikTok marketing strategies? Check this out to help guide your summer marketing plans!)
On Slack, you can search for and join communities for Creatives or Small Business finance, or even better you can find communities tailored to your trade — guaranteed there’s a #finance channel. And on Discord you’ll find about a million communities dedicated to crypto and NFTs, but there’s a healthy section of finance related conversations including one created by Women Personal Finance.
As you grow as a professional creative, you’re going to run into new situations that require new tools and education on increasingly complex financial topics. Future proof your finances by building an arsenal of tools that grow with you, and tap into the conversation often to stay on top of growing trends.
Eleanor Innis
Ellie Innis is a writer, editor, and content strategist who has covered the evolving world of media and content creation for almost 10 years. She lives in Colorado where she does not ski or snowboard.