Visions of Love 2024: A Visual Celebration of Love

Visions of Love 2024: A Visual Celebration of Love

Visions of Love 2024: A Visual Celebration of Love

by The Luupe

Celebrate love in all its forms with this visual collection of love notes captured by women and non-binary photographers and curated by The Luupe

Introducing the 2024 "Visions of Love" by The Luupe — a captivating blend of passion, warmth, and heartfelt moments. From tender embraces to joyous laughter, this collection showcases love in its many forms. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of connection and the power of togetherness through the lens of women and non-binary photographers around the globe.
Header image © Chantal Evans

“Love is found in the everyday, especially between parents and their children. No big moments, just little ones, accumulated over a lifetime.” - Jill McNamara
“To someone out there, YOU are the juiciest peach.” - Mica McCook
“My parents-in-law during their evening routine camping somewhere in Turkey, 2023 during a family round trip.” - Irmina Walczak
“This photo is of my daughter with our dog Dusty. He had cancer and so before she went away to school we did many photos not knowing if she would ever see him again.” - Rohina Hoffman
“How delightful it was to witness and capture a beautiful and romantic moment shared between two models off-duty during Paris Fashion Week.” - Whitley Isa
“Generational love means carrying love onto the next generation. Allowing the next generation to continue what our vision was. Love is generational.” - Daniela Garcia
“This image was created during an exploration of the color red - a spicy and rich hue that evokes feelings of passion, life and fire. I learned that red was the first color that humans utilized, manipulated or broke down into different shades and this significance may explain why many languages use the same word to mean "red," "beautiful," and "colorful."” - Liz Bretz
“Love; it is a bond that nourishes and completes each other's souls.” - Gülin Yiğiter
“Overflowing cups.” - Caitlin Beyer
“Mother with daughter - The most pure and beautiful love is between mother and child. There are no doubts that this love is very strong, selfless and true.” - Marta Szyszka
“An adaptation of love in self and love in community that ascends the dynamic of beauty embracing those around us. A celebration of our inner child beaming through with the radiance of the collective and an undertone of still loving those who have left us. "To my father, it is you who shaped the essence of my, now, path - Thank you for love. I miss you."” - Kayla 'Rose' Magee
“The series captures the night when the most beautiful souls of humans and nonhumans meet each other in the first voguing ball open to the public in Beijing. The night themed ‘Feather and Fur' is considered a breakthrough in the underground subculture. Fortunately, nothing else happened in this ‘special’ city and the ballroom provided a safe space for gender diversity as everyone wished. Meanwhile, the party didn't extend any longer when reached 24:00, the time on its posters. Staring at the leather and feather, metal and skin reflected under the disco ball, I am thinking about: will we meet again?” - Xinyu Gao
“"Daughters of Nature" is a visual ode to love, exploring the core elements of womanhood: friendship, connection, responsibility, strength, sensuality, and freedom. This photograph symbolizes the element of water with the love inherent in femininity's essence and its deep connection with the world. In a world often demanding conformity, it stands as a powerful narrative of empowerment, connection, and the untamed blend of wild, soft, and strong qualities, echoing the power of love.” - Sophie Bellmann
“Soulful bond: In the midst of the bustling Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, a kid finds comfort and love in grandma's arms even though everything around them is chaotic.” - Roberta Dall’Alba
“'Together Alone' delves into the complex realms of human connection, traversing the confines of physical and psychological separation. Each photograph freezes emotions in suspended moments, serving as a poignant reminder of our innate longing for intimacy in a world temporarily divided by distance, encouraging us to reflect on and reimagine relationships one frame at a time.” - Danae Panagiotidi
“Irresistible” - Chantal Evans
“Karen and Joseph found each other later in life and each brought an equal number of kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids to their relationship. The walls of their home in the Los Angeles area are covered with pictures of their now-combined families. At the time I photographed them, Karen and Joseph had been married five years but felt like they were still on their honeymoon. They met through an online dating service for Black seniors.
” - Stella Kalinina
“Langue by Maryze and Morganne is a music video I photographed about bilingual, bisexual attraction. The photo is a representation of love=joy.” - Priscilla Mars
“The culture of narcissism has made it difficult for people to love and be loved, as they are more concerned with their own image and status than with the needs and desires of their partners. The emphasis on individualism in contemporary society has led to a lack of empathy and understanding in relationships, as people are more focused on their own needs and desires than on those of their partners. The prevalence of technology in contemporary society has created a culture of distraction, where people are more focused on their screens than on the people around them or nature that surrounds them. Failing to be inspired by any of them created a "diseased world". A world that requires a shift away from individualism and towards a more communal understanding of love, where we prioritize the needs and desires of others over our own.” - Vasso Paraschi
“Belden Carlson is a NYC & Mexico City based photographer, who loves capturing love in all forms and knows the power and intimacy of a simple touch.” - Belden Carlson
“Family portraits are real-life magic – a snapshot of hugs, laughs, and those 'just because' moments. They're like little time capsules of love and goofiness, showing off what makes each family unique.” - Lauren Cho
“On New Year's Eve, I drove out to Yucca Valley to photograph my two dear friends' union. In a soft sand clearing perimeter-ed with numerous varieties of cacti, Galina and Sonia beamed at their four-person semi-circle. The tissues, pre-tucked into one bride's shoes, blotted tears as the in-loves recited their vows written on recipe cards. Afterwards, we cut into a heart-shaped "Just Married" homemade cake, before our dinner reservations: characteristic of the fun, non-sequitor life they're building together. My favorite kind of humans. Congratulations, Sonia and Galina - you are so very loved.” - Angeline Woo
“Lorenzo and Sonia have been together forever. There is a special bond between them, it is a love that takes on different shades.” - Monika Ralcewicz-Ciaiolo
“The natural desire for constant closeness in a child's formative years can be overwhelming for the mother, blurring the lines between personal space and shared existence. Despite challenges, a deep strength emerges through love, as the mother's body finds a new identity in shared moments of joy, hugs, and quiet understanding.” - Sylwia Ciszewska-Peciak
“Zoe and Hannah's wedding 2023. I've known Zoe for more than a decade, and seeing her get married was beautiful.” - Alyson Aliano
“A love letter to my stretch marks: Although the eyes of the world may not see you the same, I find the way your markings gently trace the curves of my body to be incredibly sexy. Intimate illustrations, your sensuous grip on my hips a reminder of the growth and resilience I am capable of throughout my ever-transforming lifetime spent in this body. Thank you for changing shape with me as my hips and life expanded to make room for the new humans I would bring into this world. Moving with me during the joy it took to make them, and the agony it took to birth them. You are a map of the ups and downs of physical and emotional weight; tiny trails embedded with memories of pain and pleasure collected along the way. I think you’re beautiful, and I promise not to erase you, or the stories you have to tell.” - Jamie Schofield Riva
“The always supportive, unwavering, and at times brutally honest love of those we call our friends.” - Felicia Renne Tolbert
“This image, or snippet, is pulled from When Love Changes The Way You See Art: A Visual Mixtape. "You Invited Me to Breakfast, Why The Fuck Your Ex Here," is a track from the beginning of our situationship.” - Kai Ross
“From the 'Antibodies' series, the portrayal of affection through physical contact was entirely opacified by the pandemic. I seized this moment while the virus still prevailed among us. It serves as a striking reminder of the inevitability of our humanity, emphasizing that love and tenderness, crucial for recovering from COVID-19's impact, cannot be prolonged indefinitely.” - Sam Bohorquez
“This image talks about the relationship between mother and child. It explores this motherhood sentiment that I have been so curious about, lately, as I am myself desiring so much to become a mother.” - Victoria Manzoli
“Based in Los Angeles, Peyton Fulford is an American photographer born and raised in Georgia. She studied Photography at Columbus State University. Having grown up in a family of ultra-runners, cyclists, and kayakers, she found freedom in the natural landscape. Through her attentiveness to detail and nuance, her pictures piece together stories of human connection and the surrounding environment. Peyton sets her sight on a diverse range of extraordinary, thought-provoking and at times even controversial narratives.” - Peyton Fulford
“Two girls, close friends, intertwine in a dance. Look how they look at each other, look how they play with each other. Love is embedded in the very essence of their interaction.” - Maria Rodigina
“Self-portraiture is how I have practiced loving myself for over 16 years. Now, making photos with my dog allows me to capture the love I feel for him in an image I'll have forever. Nemo is fearless, friendly, and fabulous--attributes I hope to see in myself.” - Walls Trimble
“love is also on a bench facing the sea. love is in a simple gesture. love is universal.” - Anna Marzia Soria
“Lift your eyes up.” - Maria Tkachenko
“Motherhood Glow” - Yael (Nov) Donay
Esra Bürçün
“Love is love. Friendship is love. Love is growth, together and sometimes parallel.” - Sally Montana
© Sydney Foster / The Luupe for Turo
“I grew a wild meadow on my hump and next to my ear. A world in miniature, disordered, yet full of harmony. Like a witch, I heal myself. I heal myself with plants and connection of plants and art. This is an expression of my selfcare and self love. This is a fragment of my personal project ‘Echoes’.The project is a visual story about the way I perceive reality and how this perception depends on my mental well-being. And my condition strongly depends on my physicality, on hormonal changes and understanding the cycles that follow. PTSD, depression, pregnancy, Hashimoto, depression, menopause.” - Aldona Ciesla
© Lauren Hubbard / The Luupe for LesserEvil
“It was morning and my son had just woken up. He was chilly and still kind of tired.” - Flynn Larson
“I went on a last minute quick trip to Liverpool with my friend and, on the only day we could visit The Cavern, it was closed. We went to the bar in front of it, which was still very much Beatles themed, and it was such a fun night that ended with everyone there hugging and singing Hey Jude. I really like the vibe of the bar, so I was snapping away and this couple got my attention.” - Anna Costa
“This was taken from our trip to L'Estartit, Spain last summer. It is my son and wife having a good time at a beach.” - Jere Hiltunen
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“I've created a short video that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of queer love and my personal reflections on this profound emotion. The footage was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, at a Queer event where individuals embraced one another openly, creating an atmosphere that truly felt like a safe haven for them. To complement these heartfelt moments, I paired the video clips with an unreleased song of mine titled 'Miracle of You.” - ANDYMKOSI
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