These Innovative Women-Led Brands are Changing the Future of Financial Literacy
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These Innovative Women-Led Brands are Changing the Future of Financial Literacy

These Innovative Women-Led Brands are Changing the Future of Financial Literacy

by Eleanor Innis

These women-led brands are democratizing financial know-how through power and knowledge

Women have a huge stake in finances from a personal and a global economic level…
But that doesn’t mean women have been included in the financial conversation. In fact, women have historically been excluded from financial leadership, which could contribute to trickle down effects. The fewer women at the top making macro-level financial decisions, the less access and knowledge there is to go around.
With so many women determined to bridge the income gap and find financial success, there’s a wave of energy behind educating and empowering this group to make personal, family, and community-driven decisions to build long term wealth. These women-founded and backed apps and platforms are part of that wave, built to give creative women a confident voice in their own finances and the economy at large.

Clever Girl Finance

Founded by Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance is a financial education platform with the goal of “helping women to become accountable, ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth.” To that end, the platform offers free courses around financial topics from managing student debt to buying a home to building a business. Many of these courses also feature complementary worksheets and budgeting tools.
Coursework isn’t the only benefit of the platform. There’s also the Clever Girl Knows podcast, where Sokunbi has conversations with women at all stages of their financial journey. In all, this is an accessible tool that millions of women trust for guidance and motivation on their path to building and managing wealth.


If you’re a parent, financial literacy extends to your children. Money management isn’t just about controlling the pursestrings, but also about influencing your family’s approach to money. Today’s children are thinking about and handling money earlier, and nurturing a healthy money mind from the start is a great way to ensure your family has finances under control as a team.
Apps like Goalsetter, founded by Tanya Van Court, are built to give kids access to money and financial education so they can learn about wealth-building and budgeting using real life tools backed by educational programming. It’s a high impact, low stress way to start teaching your kids valuable lessons.
It’s never too late to learn about money, especially when the world of personal finance is evolving so quickly. Just like you invest in courses, apps, and materials to build skills, these financial literacy platforms tools help drive your growth as a head of household, head of business, or simply a person in the world with a bank account.

Financial Gym

If you’ve tried financial literacy before with little success, you might try approaching it from a different angle. Women-founded Financial Gym offers financial literacy programs in a personal training format. Even if you’re not big on the gym, you might find this approach to finances a refreshing change from the often isolating process of financial skill building.
Using coaching techniques tailored to different savings goals and money matters, like home buying, credit cards, or paying off debt, a Financial Gym membership connects you to a trainer who will work with you towards those goals. It’s a great tool for those who want one on one help with their financial journey.

Your Juno

Your Juno is an entire app dedicated to helping women and non-binary people build financial literacy from a relevant perspective. It’s a value-backed business founded by sisters Alexia and Margot de Brogile who have the interesting mission of “unlearning.” In their words, “the legacy of outdated gender norms still impacts us everyday.” Your Juno builds a new, personally relevant path to financial education.
Formatted a bit like Duolingo, as a user you can take your own pace on lessons based on financial topics ranging from budgeting to investing. The platform also hosts several webinars each month. Many focus on self-employment, running a side business, and getting ahead of retirement goals with smart and proactive investment plans.
Eleanor Innis
Ellie Innis is a writer, editor, and content strategist who has covered the evolving world of media and content creation for almost 10 years. She lives in Colorado where she does not ski or snowboard.
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