The Luupe Launches Creative Briefs To Help Brands and Photographers Collaborate

The Luupe Launches Creative Briefs To Help Brands and Photographers Collaborate

The Luupe Launches Creative Briefs To Help Brands and Photographers Collaborate

by The Luupe

Using insights from brands, photo editors, art directors, and photographers, The Luupe launches creative briefs for seamless content collaboration.

A common obstacle in creative production is clear communication. Convoluted goals and unclear instructions are some of the largest obstacles. They can lead to unanticipated reshoots, delays, stretched budgets, and conflicts between brands and photographers. Using learnings from our team’s years of experience as photo editors and content producers, we’re proud to launch Creative Briefs. This simple addition to our production process will help brands outline the most important details for visual projects and campaigns.

What’s a creative brief?

Creative briefs may be old news to many of The Luupe’s clients and partners who are already experienced art directors. However, we understand it can be a new concept if you’re managing multiple projects at a small startup. Simply put: a creative brief is a document outlining the what, when, and how for any creative project. It includes instructions on copy, visuals, and values that a photographer or anyone contributing to the project needs to know.
Creative briefs can also include a series of tips that encourage you to think through production scenarios in new and unexpected ways. It helps prevent miscommunication and avoid potential missteps.

How it works

We want this process to be as simple as possible so you can quickly get content into production.
When you sign up for The Luupe, we start by asking some basic questions to get a sense of your brand’s style, look and feel. This helps us consider which Luupe photographers to recommend.
From there, you can outline types of content needed, audience, budget, and goals. These will likely change along the way, but this will give everyone involved a better sense of what to expect.
You can also indicate if you’ll need models - many of our photographers have existing relationships to help with this part of the process.
Other details like target-audience, visual references, and mood boards will help put your project in motion.

Why can’t I just share my own creative briefs?

Creative briefs need to be consistent to make a project shine. Based on our experience with both sides of the process, having specific information from brands and photographers will help us achieve the best results. Our new tool helps us learn the most vital details about your brand values so we can effectively distill them to our photographers. It enables brands to better align and collaborate with photographers. It reduces tension in the creative process, saves time, and sets up a better workflow, which we hope will help improve the final content.

We’re here to help

If you’re not quite ready to complete a creative brief, or you need some help, The Luupe’s team of expert producers can help guide you through the process.
Once you submit your creative brief, someone from our team will be in touch. We'll walk through the logistics, pair you with the perfect photographer, clarify your budget and timeline, and begin production.
One of the Luupe’s key missions is to remove the roadblocks of traditional assignment and stock photography. This helps brands and our curated network of photographers collaborate to make great work. We hope our new Creative Briefs tool is just one step towards making this happen.
To learn more about what we do, visit our brands page. Brands: Click here to sign up and start working on your next creative brief.
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