Seventeen Creative Women-Led Podcasts to Check Out This Weekend

Seventeen Creative Women-Led Podcasts to Check Out This Weekend

Seventeen Creative Women-Led Podcasts to Check Out This Weekend

by Sasha Lee

These podcasts are disrupting spaces across tech, photography, marketing, demystifying the path and process to creative success.

These podcasts are disrupting spaces across tech, photography, marketing, demystifying the path and process to creative success.
Ellevest co-founder and former Citigroup CFO Sallie Krawcheck says it best, “About the most powerful thing you can do to help a society and economy is get more money in the hands of women.” The podcasters below make this their mandate, inspiring listeners to unleash their potential, and ultimately change the world.
This impressive roster includes 17 essential podcasts with a creative approach spanning an array of subjects: business, finance, food and even sports.

1. Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon

Ctrl Alt Delete was the title of Emma’s first book which documented her adolescence online. But it was The Multi-Hyphen Method – a manifesto for crafting work on your own terms – that established her as one of the most exciting voices in business today. The Award winning author now champions diversifying your skillset and following your interests when it comes to the world of work on this top 10 Apple podcast.
Genre: Work/ Wellbeing
Avg. Length: 30 - 60 mins
Fan Review: “The wide range of guests and topics means that I learn something new with every episode. Emma’s perspective is thoughtful and sincere. This podcast got me through the pandemic.”

2. The Marie Forleo Podcast by Marie Forleo

From marketing and career advice, to actionable strategies for greater happiness and health, Forleo helps you get inspired to create a business and life that you genuinely love.
Genre: Business/ Career/ Lifestyle
Avg. Length: 20 - 70 mins
Fan Review: “Great energy, great content! Just listen to it!

3. Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker

Hashtag Authentic is the podcast for dreamers, makers, entrepreneurs and creatives hosted by Instagram Expert Sara Tasker. Sara helps her online community find their “techquilibrium”, that sweet spot between internet strategy and authenticity, sharing insights to help them create an ideal presence and business.
Genre: Social Media Strategy/ Career/ Lifestyle
Avg. Length: 40 - 80 mins
Fan Review: “One of the podcasts I look most forward to every week. Honest, helpful, all around refreshing discussions!”

4. Small Doses with Amana Seales

Smart and funny is Amanda Seales’ stock-in-trade. On her weekly podcast, the actress and author drops gems, sage advice and honest talks in general about life’s hard truths. You can play the series in any order, since the episodes are theme-specific (I highly recommend ‘The Side Effects of Narcissists’!)
Genre: Lifestyle/ Comedy
Avg. Length: 45 - 90 mins
Fan Review: “An amazing entertaining, informative, and funny podcast. Keep your dictionary app open, you’ll need it.”

5. Diversifying with Delyanne Barros

Tik Tok money coach Delyanne Barros takes charge on this new podcast produced by CNN. Diversifying demystifies money and makes investing accessible, bringing you the tips and tools to ‘slay the stock market’.
Genre: Investing/ Personal Finance
Avg. Length: 15 - 25 mins
Fan Review: “This is the tea we need ! Digestible and helpful financial literacy!”

6. Unsexy with Elaine Zelby

The “eternally curious” Elaine Zelby hosts interviews with founders in so-called ‘unsexy’ niche markets, from trucking to timber. In a half hour or less, the investor, advisor and entrepreneur proves the viability of each esoteric industry.
Genre: Business/ Niche Markets
Avg. Length: 30 - 40 mins
Fan Review: “Fyi, Elaine is awesome and so is her short and sweet weekly idea pump, esp for entrepreneurs.”

7. The Brand Is Female by Eva Hartling

One of the top weekly series on women empowerment, host Eva Hartling’s The Brand is Female brings you authentic stories of self-accomplishment from women from all walks of life—mothers, media personalities, and thought leaders alike.
Genre: Business/ Careers
Avg. Length: 30 - 50 mins
Fan Review: “The perfect place to get my weekly dose of inspiration. I’m thankful to all the women who continue to share their stories with Eva.”

8. KnowThyBrand by Giulia Iannucci

Host Giulia Iannucci knows all too well that a strong brand can make or break new opportunities. Her mandate? Social enterprise for women by women. One which not only closes the gap on the unique and unequal challenges faced by female professionals, but enables women to manifest but build and sustain their brands.
Genre: Business/ Branding
Avg. Length: 30 - 55 mins
Fan Review: “Giulia’s insight and expertise is great, but her enthusiasm and ability to get the message across clearly adds an extra dimension. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

9. Side Hustle Pro with Nicaila Matthews Okome

Jamaican born Nicaila Matthews Okome aims to amplify the stories of bold black women entrepreneurs who started with a side hustle and have since scaled to a profitable business. Side Hustle Pro has amassed over 5 Million downloads as well as a loyal social media following of aspiring entrepreneurs.
Genre: Entrepreneurship/ Marketing
Avg. Length: 30 - 70 mins
Fan Review: “Episodes are interesting and gripping even the ones without live interviews. Look forward to continually learning.”

10. Transformation Thursday by Natalie Walker & Amy Stephens

Co-hosted by trans comediennes Amy Stephens and Penny Sterling, Transformation Thursday explores the transformations of LGBTQIA+ folks of all backgrounds and myriad other issues, with episodes ranging from ‘Comic Roundtable’ to ‘Coming Home to Our Non-Binary Bodies’ and ‘The Decriminalization of Being Gay’
Genre: LGBTQIA+/ Comedy
Avg. Length: 30 - 75 mins
Fan Review: “Please continue to advocate for gender diversity and inclusion.”

11. Creators In COVID by Jonita Davis

Writer and film critic Jonita Davis launched Creators in COVID to be a catalyst for important discourse for Black/ Brown creatives and women on the effects of COVID and the economic fallout from the pandemic.
Genre: Black Creatives/ Social Justice During COVID
Avg. Length: 30 - 60 mins
Fan Review: “Listened to this on my commute to work. It’s a great conversation.”

12. The Portrait System Podcast by Nikki Closer

Photographer and Sue Bryce mentor Nikki Closser loves traveling as much as she does helping other women entrepreneurs fast track their careers. Her podcast, an archive of interviews from around the globe, is a great source of technical insights as well as inspiration.
Genre: Photography/ Business/ Money
Avg. Length: 30 - 55 mins
Fan Review: “Interviews and stories of real people, real businesses, struggles and victories. Every episode is loaded with invaluable information about all aspects of photography and personal growth.”

13. Grow With The Flow by Nayna Florence Patel

Nayna Florence Patel shares her goals, anecdotes and big sister advice for Navigating the brink of adulthood, unpacking everything from student life and self respect to graduation and relationships in a conversational tone.
Genre: Lifestyle/
Avg. Length: 30 - 55 mins
Fan Review: “Nayna Florence’s podcast, Growing With The Flow, creates a comfortable and welcoming space for growth of all kinds.”

14. The Heart & Hustle Podcast

Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman have made it their mission to help you level up their career with bi-weekly (Tuesday & Thursday) chats full of humor and hardcore strategies. Consider them your new business BFF’s in your corner and in your earbuds!
Genre: Business/ Lifestyle/ Marketing
Length: 50 - 60 min
Review: “I went on a solo month and half road trip and that meant LOTS of time in the car, and this podcast was my number one source of entertainment. Each episode is PACKED with quality information and real people being real.”

15. To Dine For with Kate Sullivan

Journalist and foodie Kate Sullivan travels the country to chat with change-agents, entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators to hear their diverse stories at their favorite restaurant. The show is a toast to their hustle mentality and hunger to make a difference in the world.
Genre: Food/ Entrepreneurship
Length: 30 - 40 min
Review: “I love the aesthetic creative tones in each of your interviews. How you listen and the questions you ask is an art form in itself. I’m hooked on your podcasts.”

16. The Jasmine Star Show

Law school dropout turned world-renowned photographer and expert business strategist, host Jasmine Star delivers her best business advice every week with a mixture of inspiration and wit.
Genre: Business
Avg. Length: 20 - 50 mins
Fan Review: “Entertaining, Actionable, and Real. The best go-to show for business.”

17. The Gist of It

From the women-run sports media startup, The Gist Canada, comes the bi-weekly podcast, The Gist of It. Hosts Ellen Hyslop and Stephanie Rotz lead refreshing discussions on current sports topics and so much more.
Genre: Sports/ Comedy
Avg. Length: 20 - 30 mins
Fan Review: “Ellen and Steph are funny and informative! I love their insightful take on every corner of the sports world.”
Sasha Lee
Sasha Lee is a freelance journalist and writer based in Jamaica. She has seen every episode of The Golden Girls at least 5 times and her work has appeared in a variety of online publications. You can connect with her on Twitter @ohsashalee
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