The Secret to Powerful Celebrity Portraiture is Empathy and Insight

Photographer Emily Assiran’s intuitive take on photographing public figures.

Confident adaptability, insight, and empathy are just a few words that shape celebrity photographer Emily Assiran’s widely successful career and practice. From Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams to Lizzo, Assiran reimagines the essence of public figures, telling their stories with a bold yet always-listening lens.

Most recently, Assiran photographed Jane Fraser, Citibank’s first-ever female CEO for Wall Street Journal, using graphic geometric and linear backgrounds to convey a message of force and approachability. We caught up recently to discuss Assiran’s always exciting portraiture, creative philosophies, and how research goes a long way.

9 Inspiring Women Commercial and Editorial Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

The Luupe highlights 9 women photographers to know, follow and hire.

Here’s a roundup of commercial and editorial women photographers who inspire us daily – highlights from our new series of #TheLuupeWeekender weekend takeovers. We encourage you to follow them, get to know their work, and hire them. Reach out to us if you’d like to collaborate on an upcoming project

Diane Allford’s Photographs Celebrate Humanity and Black Joy

The Luupe speaks with Diane Allford about her inspiring practice – from her early days as a photo editor for BET to photographing for global brands and publications. 

Diane Allford bridges photographic genres, from runway photography and commercial work to personal essays on life and culture in New York City. Her vision comes together in its attention to light and the theater of every day – whether it’s capturing that energy organically, or with some level of commercial staging.

A significant piece of Allford’s personal and professional practice is highlighting the humanity and joy of Black and Brown communities. It’s a mission that reflects her early days as a photo editor for BET, Emerge, Heart and Soul, YSB, Newsweek and Businessweek Magazines, and NACCP’s The Crisis Magazine, as well as her experience as a rep for a stock photo agency struggling to diversify its content with positive depictions of people of color.

Allford’s photos have been featured in numerous international publications including Vogue Italia, Bustle, and Simon and Schuster books, and recently appeared in Cadilac’s “Audacity of Blackness” commercial.

In celebration of Allford’s inspiring career (and her participation in our Women’s History Month print sale. Go get her print here), we speak to learn more about her influences and drive to keep creating.

24 Podcasts by Creative Women To Inspire Your Day

These women-hosted podcasts inspire us to make, think, and stay creative.

Podcasts, like newsletters, have become all the rage over the past few years. Every day it seems like a new one is popping up, vying for our fleeting ears. In celebration of Women’s History Month, our community curated a collection of some of our favorite podcasts by creative women covering everything from photography, design, and visual culture to politics, comedy, and pop culture.

For convenience and consistency, we’re embedding links to listen to them on Apple, but most are available via Spotify and other fine podcast platforms….

Happy listening!

Shedding Street Photography’s Male-Dominated Legacy

Women Street Photographers, a new photobook edited by Gulnara Samoilova and published by Prestel shares the work of 100 photographers and the experiences behind their greatest images.

Street Photography, like most photographic genres, has been traditionally male-dominated. In recent years, however, more women are claiming space and offering a dynamic lens. Gulnara Samoilova’s new anthology presents a collection of international approaches from women of all ages, races, ethnicities, creeds, and sexualities.

The book comes as an extension of Samoilova’s @womenstreetphotographers, which took Instagram by storm in 2017 and quickly grew to over 100,000 followers, becoming one of the most influential Instagram feeds.

Images range from the classically “decisive moment” influenced work of photographers like Nina Welch-King and Birka Wiedmaier, to Michelle Groskopf’s flash-blasted slices of everyday life. It even includes fashion-treading images like the cover photo by B Jane Levine. Women Street Photographers’ energy and diversity of style pushes the genre to not only be more inclusive but to shift and shatter the many visual clichés holding it back.

We speak with Samoilova to learn more about why this book is so important right now, in photo history’s male-dominated canon, and in its inspiring future.