From Designing Textiles to Collaborating with Nike, Harrods, and Lego – The Extraordinary Path of Designer Camille Walala

With a career beginning in textiles, Camille Walala’s colorful and inspiring journey has seen her collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands. These include Nike, Harrods, Lego and Converse.

“I didn’t really know what I was doing,” recalls Camille Walala, a London-based multidisciplinary designer, of a time before establishing her namesake brand in 2009. 

A “purveyor of positivity”, Walala was raised in the South of France in a Provence village of 300 people. “It was nice to grow up there, but I really hated school,” she adds, continuing to explain how she had failed her GCSEs and A-Levels, and that she wasn’t quite sure which direction to take in this part of her life. “But then my dad eventually told me to go to London to learn English when I was 23,” she says, and what was meant to be a three-month residency soon turned into 20 years. 

Fantastical Images Cast Migrants as Heroes

During a time of global crisis due to COVID-19, we can be reminded of the dangers of xenophobia, particularly towards vulnerable, displaced immigrant communities. Popular media often portrays immigrants seeking a better life as victims or criminals, rarely recognizing them as heroic figures blazing new paths through foreign lands. That’s where the work of artists Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer begins. 

Between These Folded Walls, Utopia, their new series of elaborately staged photographs and videos reveals the noble and courageous aspects of immigrant and first-generation narratives.

Portraits of Powerful Women by Powerful Women Photographers

To celebrate Women’s History Month and add some brightness to our socially-distant world, we compiled portraits of powerful women from The Luupe’s community of women and nonbinary photographers.

To us, being “powerful” goes beyond the traditional notion of celebrity. Political influence and media presence are part of it. It also means being on the front lines to care for the sick. Using one’s voice and supporting one’s family or community. Ultimately, it’s about contributing goodwill to the world and fiercely pushing forward.

Let’s applaud these women together.

Jessica Walsh on Building Her Own Design Studio and Breaking Clichés

A career in design was inevitable for Jessica Walsh.

Walsh developed her craft at the age of 11 and was set for early success. Early in her career, she went on to work alongside Stephen Sagmeister, before founding her own studio &Walsh – a New York-based creative agency that specializes in branding and advertising.

Walsh now heads up a majority female team – as part of the 1% of creative agencies founded by women – and works across the board on a wide mix of projects. This includes a photography campaign for Wix, the identity for Egyptian restaurant Zooba and editorial design for The New York Times Magazine to name a few.

Inspired by her colourful, handcrafted style, we caught up to learn more about her impressive journey to date, how her past has influenced her creatively and why she no longer wants to be pigeonholed for one aesthetic.

Sleepless Nights and an Uncertain Future: How Covid-19 is Impacting the Photo Industry

As of today (March 19th), the novel Coronavirus and Covid-19 are affecting 170 countries with over 200,000 confirmed cases across the world. We are quarantined, sheltering in place, and, when possible, trying to work. How is the pandemic affecting the photo industry, which relies so heavily on freelance photographers?

Luupe photographer and Rocket Science Magazine founder Pauline Magnenat spoke with several photographers and photo editors to find out how the outbreak is impacting their work and life – and how they try to stay busy and positive. We’ve also compiled a list of resources for creative professionals at the end of this feature.