Reimagining What Goes on Our Plates: Food Visions at Photoville

This fall at Photoville in NYC, The Luupe will exhibit “Food Visions” – a new look at food photography. 

Food photography has a rich and constantly evolving history. From early still-life experiments to bird’s-eye trends and millennial obsessions with “what’s on my plate,” the possibilities and ways of seeing food are endless.

Food Visions curated by The Luupe, continues these exciting directions. The exhibition includes photographs from 14 artists in The Luupe’s community pushing the boundaries of how we visualize food. These range from photographers with a background in food photography to portrait, and even street photographers working outside their typical genre.

Some photographers, like Penny De Los Santos, known for her warm, storytelling approach, share experimental work. Others, like Jessica Pettway, recognized for her radical product photography, show food with an absurdist eye. Wilding out further, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart uses food as a playful ingredient in self-portraits about the relationships we have with food, animals, and the natural world.

For these photographers, food can be nourishing, grotesque, delicious, or an imaginative prop somewhere in between. What brings these photographers together is a sense of fun and boundary-pushing experimentation.

Exhibition Dates: Sept 18 – Dec 1, 2021. Click HERE for opening day details.
Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5. The Luupe team will be here from 1pm-3pm – please stop by and say hi!

Exhibiting photographers: Birthe Piontek, Akilah Townsend, Blair J. Meadows, Julia Chesky, Poupay Jutharat, Jessica Pettway, Lauren Vied Allen, Siobhan Beasley, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, Maggie Shannon, Nivi Shaham, Penny De Los Santos, Evi Abeler, Gerard + Belevender.

Curated by Keren Sachs, Tracey Woods and Jon Feinstein

Eight Effective Campaigns Pushing for Social and Environmental Change

These campaigns mark an evolution towards authenticity, inclusion, and socially conscious values.

Our culture is shifting to a more humanistic, socially and environmentally conscious priority and brands and advertising agencies are responding. They understand that speaking to these issues will help them reach the mindful consumer.

These brands and agencies take stands on issues including systemic racism, gender discrimination, homophobia, and environmental causes. What’s most notable is that campaigns go beyond paying lip service to important issues. They are creating actionable content.

Here are eight recent campaigns created artfully, with intention. They make a statement, make us think, and ultimately, help create real change the world needs to see.

Helen Au Tells Heartwarming Stories With Food

Helen Au’s blog and Instagram recipe series brings together vegan food, family stories and powerful photos.

In 2018 Helen Au launched a fun, vibrant Instagram page “A StepFull of You” to create conversations and recipes around vegan food. The photographer and writer pairs eloquently produced photographs with recipes and personal, yet widely accessible stories behind each image, often following each post with a food related question to further engage her readers.

In one of her most recent Instagram posts – an image of vegan watermelon cookies in honor of National Watermelon Day – Au shares the story of her mom’s deep love for buying watermelons:

“She gets super excited to pick out a watermelon (or two) whenever we finish the one at home,” Au writes. “Even though she has a small frame, it’s funny seeing her at the store lifting and putting down watermelons, trying to pick the biggest and sweetest watermelon.”

While some of today’s most highly trafficked recipe platforms can get lost in the story, A StepFull Of You’s heartwarming anecdotes and stories keep us hooked.

We spoke with Au to learn more about food photography trends, the story behind her words and images, and how she expanded her Instagram page to a full-fledged recipe blog.

These Psychedelic Photos of Musicians are a Sight for All Senses

Maria Louceiro mixes analog and digital photographic techniques to create a trippy, dreamlike world.

Looking at Maria Louceiro’s photographs, you’re transported to another place. Mysterious, multicolored light and color soak up the frame. Within a few seconds of staring, it’s as if you can almost feel and hear them.

For more than a decade, the Berlin-based photographer has photographed some of the world’s most exciting and innovative musicians. Most recently, these include Ladytron, Jpeg Mafia, Bjork, and Chromatics for clients including Pitchfork Media, Adobe, VICE, and Coachella. Often holding pieces of glass in front of her lens, she captures and communicates the aura of their music.

Originally studying mining and environmental engineering, Louceiro moved on to design and photography. She was drawn to the ways light and color could communicate mood and experience.

We caught up to learn more about her magical gaze.

Cool Down With This Refreshing Collection of Swimming Pool Photos

A collection of swimming pool photos from around the world, curated by The Luupe.

Because it’s peak summer, we’re hot and sweating, and we really just want to cool down.

Swimming pools are a place of community, family and escape. They’re a refuge from the heat and a trying year. A place to come together.

We wax nostalgic, hopeful, live vicariously, dream of traveling faraway, and celebrate one of the most joyful rites of summer.

Let’s dive in.