8 Creative-Approved Podcasts to Add to Your Circulation

8 Creative-Approved Podcasts to Add to Your Circulation

8 Creative-Approved Podcasts to Add to Your Circulation

by The Luupe

Dive into a curated list of must-listen creative podcasts

Discover top creative podcast picks, personally selected by professional production creatives from The Luupe community. From the thought-provoking dialogues of The Black Shutter Podcast to the cutting-edge discussions on Fashion Radio by ShowStudio, each podcast promises to inspire and challenge your artistic endeavors.
Cover image © Krishna Shenoi (Talk Easy Podcast)

01 The Black Shutter Podcast

The Black Shutter Podcast is a series of conversations with Black photographers filmmakers, editors, and creative business folks. You will hear about their work, their challenges, and their inspirations revolving around photography.
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Check out this episode featuring The Luupe's Director of Photography, Tracey Woods

02 The Professional Creative Podcast

Join Bonnie Christine as she delves into the secrets behind building a successful creative career, providing listeners with practical advice and heartfelt encouragement.
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03 The Exposed Negative

A deep dive into the stories behind iconic photographs, this podcast features intimate conversations with photographers who reveal the processes, challenges, and stories captured through their lenses.
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04 The A24 Podcast

From the renowned independent film company A24, this podcast brings together filmmakers, actors, and other creatives for unfiltered conversations about the art of storytelling in film.
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05 The Messy Truth - Conversations on Photography

Explore the less polished side of creativity where challenges and mistakes are embraced as essential to the creative process, encouraging listeners to persevere and innovate.
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06 Fashion Radio by ShowStudio

This podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at fashion, featuring discussions with designers, photographers, and models that illuminate the dynamic and evolving world of fashion.
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07 Creative Rebels

This engaging podcast provides a platform for creative individuals who defy conventional paths to share their success stories, offering insights and inspiration on turning passion into a thriving career in various artistic fields.
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08 Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso

Host Sam Fragoso conducts warm, thoughtful interviews with artists, filmmakers, and writers, diving deep into personal narratives and exploring the broader cultural implications of their work.
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