Thirty-Nine Images Bring an Exciting New Direction to Commercial Still-Life Photography

Thirty-Nine Images Bring an Exciting New Direction to Commercial Still-Life Photography

Thirty-Nine Images Bring an Exciting New Direction to Commercial Still-Life Photography

by The Luupe

These imaginative photographers and stylists are helping commercial food and product photography thrive.

Nixing the safe, uniformly lit white studio backdrop, the following photographers take creative chances to bring new light, color, styling, and energy to the products they capture.
From Maggie Shannon lighting Dunkin Donuts with hard, contrasty strobes, to Lauren Segal's sand-dune-photographed picnic blanket, their artful visions expand how consumers can experience a brand.
Be sure to check out each photographer's portfolio and reach out to collaborate on your next project.
Header images LR: Lauren Segal for Travel+Leisure; Gerard + Belevender for Moodelier.
▲ © Janet Kwan. "I finally gathered enough motivation and momentum to experiment with new techniques. It took about a month or so to get there, but I’ve found that works well for me when I’m restricted or plateaued. I get to a point where I’ll try something - anything - to get out of the creative rut. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes longer than expected, but every attempt is movement and that’s how I build momentum."
▲ © Maya Visnyei for House of Terpenes
© Kate Grewal for Terps and Co. Styled by Kelsey Ann Linehan
▲ Grunge & Gucci © Chelsea Louise Kyle for Allure. Art Director- @alliefolino
Visuals Editor- @melissa.j.kramer. Prop stylist- @babywalton
▲ © Gerard + Belevender in partnership with Moodelier
Work with Gerard + Belevender
▲ © Laura Thompson / The Luupe for Hello Sunshine
Work with Laura!
▲ © Martina Giammaria for Theo Eyewear
Work with Martina!
▲ © Martina Giammaria for Etnia Barcelona
Work with Martina!
▲ © Jenna Gang for Pop Sugar + Halotop Creamery's 2022 self-care guide.
Work with Jenna!
▲ © Jenna Gang. Styling by Cocktail and Copy. Set by J Chan Studio.
Work with Jenna!
▲ © Sarah Anne Ward. Food styling by Tyna Hoang
▲ © Sarah Anne Ward. Styling by Paola Andrea
▲ "I was dying to use this insane pattern for something, so stylist Jessica Boone and I went a little wild with some bubbly drink shots. If you don't think that Topo Chico has the longest and strongest're wrong, that's all!" - Lindsay Kreighbaum
Work with Lindsay!
▲ © Lindsay Kreighbaum in collaboration with Aimie Vredevoogd and Justin Bordeaux
Work with Lindsay!
▲ © MIschelle Moy for Cirque Colors
Work with Mischelle!
▲ © Sara Dilley for Nalgene
Work with Sara!
▲ © Evi Abeler Da Bomb Fizzers. Art direction by Merideth Harte for Quarto Know
Work with Evi!
▲ "I think one of my favorite parts of my photo shoots is conceptualizing; picking color schemes, backgrounds, props, and compiling the mood board. I tend to be very hands-on and like to be involved in the process, especially when it means I get to take a trip to the DTLA fabric market! - Rebecca Grant
Work with Rebecca!
▲ © Elizabeth Renstrom. Styling by Sara Schipani.
Work with Elizabeth!
▲ © Lauren Segal for Molly J. CBD Confections
Work with Lauren!
▲ © Lauren Segal for Harmony Non-Alcoholic Spirits. Styling by Natalie Misha Papova
Work with Lauren!
▲ © Teresa Freitas for Pure Piraña flavored sparkling water
Work with Teresa!

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