Twenty-Eight AAPI Women and Non-Binary Photographers to Hire This Year

Twenty-Eight AAPI Women and Non-Binary Photographers to Hire This Year

Twenty-Eight AAPI Women and Non-Binary Photographers to Hire This Year

by The Luupe

These talented photographers and directors showcase an impressive range of commercial and editorial skills from coast to coast

From Wini Lao's color-popping product photos and videos for brands like Essie and Lululemon to Niki Chan Wylie's powerful visual stories for T Brand Studio and WSJ, these members from The Luupe's global community offer unique and fresh perspectives to storytelling. Whether they're from Los Angeles, Kansas City, Colorado, New York City, or other cities around the world, explore their work and collaborate with these talented artists in your local area for your next project.
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Header images © Jyotsna Bhamidipati and Jessica Chou

1) Wini Lao

Wini is a former engineer and self-taught lifestyle and still life photographer based in New York City. She has a technical eye for capturing color and joyful emotions that emulate her positive and upbeat personality.

2) AnnAnn Puttithanasorn

AnnAnn Puttithanasorn is a photographer and creative director based in New York City and available for travel worldwide.

3) Arin Yoon

Arin Yoon (pronounced uh-RIN or 아린) (she/her) is a Korean American documentary photographer and visual artist based in the Kansas City area. Her work focuses on the military community and the impacts of war, notions of family, women and issues of identity and representation. She is a National Geographic Explorer and an International Women's Media Foundation fellow.

4) Rozette Halvorson

Rozette is a Filipino-American artist based in California.

5) Chona Kasinger

Chona is a Seattle based editorial and commercial photographer. She was born in the Philippines and raised between the bustle of Metro Manila and the suburbs of Seattle. She loves idiosyncrasy, a good amaro and the ocean at night.

6) Rezel Kealoha

Rezel is a Bay Area work from home mom that makes a living from creating beautiful food images and stories.

7) Lisa Weatherbee

A portrait and lifestyle photographer living in NYC with her husband Marco, a printmaker, and their gray cat Gus. She has always been invested in the power that photography has to shape our social consciousness and cares deeply about diversity, representation and creating images that feel authentic to our modern world.

8) Cicilia Teng

Cicilia + The Luupe for Alex and Ani
A Los Angeles-based content creator, photographer, art director, and a proud mama. For over a decade, her trusty camera, upbeat approach, and extensive design knowledge has helped Cicilia build her client base.

9) Jessica Chou

Jessica is a photographer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She approaches her subjects with as few preconceived notions as possible, allowing people the space to collaborate with the moment and the place they inhabit. She strives for honesty and to look at things as they are, without artifice or judgment. The result is something that is at once observant and intimate.

10) Tiffany Luong

Tiffany is a commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer with roots in family documentary photography. Her work best serves brands who want to help people aspire to collect moments rather than things: experiential activities, family-friendly services, artisans, museums, education, minimalistic living, agrotourism, family travel, social documentary work, and visual ethnographies.

11) Yuri Hasegawa

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, now, calls Los Angeles home, Yuri Hasegawa (She/Her) is a commercial photographer/director who is specialized in portrait, lifestyle & reportage.

12) Mischelle Moy

Mischelle Moy (she/her) is a New York City-based digital artist, commercial and editorial product photographer, content creator, prop stylist, and production designer.

13) Celeste Noche

Celeste Noche (she/her) is a Filipino American documentary and editorial photographer based in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. She specializes in food, travel, and portraiture. Her work is rooted in the narrative, exploring themes of identity and access across cultures.

14) Jyotsna Bhamidipati

Jyotsna is a commercial and an editorial photographer and educator based in Sacramento, Northern California but travels nationwide and internationally for assignments year round as needed. She is inspired by the beauty of the environment, nature, world cultures, travel, and the atmospheric textures around her, and her work often reflects that.

15) Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet aka Poupay

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet otherwise known by her moniker Poupay, is a Thai photographer based in New York City. With a keen passion for street photography, Poupay’s work has developed into a distinctive portfolio featuring subjects that range from chance encounters to bizarre slices of city life. Her approach is entirely direct while maintaining a fly-on-the-wall mindset.

16) Anjelica Jardiel

Anjelica is a Filipina-American photographer, Buddhist, scuba diving enthusiast, avid traveler and dog mom, striving to live a dynamic life for her Mama, Papa and Ancestors. Her interest in documenting human connection may stem from being an only child and twin-less twin, and always kind of feeling like something is missing.

17) Marvi Lacar

Marvi Lacar is a visual storyteller and speaker whose goal is to emotionally connect with her audience using creative visual language.

18) Angela Hau

Angela took up photography after originally starting her career as a fashion and textile print designer. Soon she developed a keen interest in architecture for its composition, balance, and sculptural quality. She approaches her work with intuition and diligence, and in turn, has come to define her style. Her passion for architectural photography has led her to diversify into interiors and still life with the same avidity. Angela’s work continues to evolve with timeless images that convey a sense of honesty.

19) Diana King

Diana is a Chinese-American portrait, lifestyle fashion, and commercial photographer. Originally from the Bay Area, CA, she still says “hella” a lot despite living in Los Angeles for years. She loves pops of color in her photographs but tends to always wear black. Diana is the creator and director of “Almost Asian, Almost American” an ongoing photo and video essay project that allows Asian-American women to define their own beauty and identity.

20) Nitya Jain

Nitya (níh-tya) is a photographer based in Austin, Texas specializing in food, drink, hospitality, and lifestyle creating vibrant, crave-able visual content for commercial and editorial clients. Every flavor, space, and place evokes an emotion and that is what she strives to capture in my work.

21) Carmen Chan

Carmen is a Chinese-American photographer and director with years of experience working in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Carmen is now based in Vail, Colorado but will soon be based out of a campervan traveling across North America with her husband, son, and dog. She gravitates towards creating clean, airy, and intimate photos that feel relaxed and calm with an eye for detail.

22) Shina Peng

Shina Tser-shiuan Peng is an environmental portrait photographer based in New York City and Tokyo. Her international upbringing as a Taiwanese American born and raised in Japan heavily impacts the themes she explores in her artwork. Through her work she questions society's definition of identity and attempts to understand her own background. She focuses on moments of the "in-between", the intersectionality, and the dichotomies that people exist in. Shina's work focuses on the beauty in the mundane. Her nostalgic narratives are unexperienced memories that romanticize the repetitions of daily life.

23) Nicole Wu

Nicole is an Oakland-based photographer, art director + content producer with a deep understanding and love of storytelling through visual content.

24) Carolyn Fong

Carolyn is a commercial, editorial & brand photographer working throughout the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond. She specializes in creating imagery that celebrates the craft, the people and the spaces that create community - often but not always - with some food & drinks.

25) Natasha Lee

Natasha is a Malaysian-Chinese Travel, Lifestyle & Hospitality Photographer & Director whose visuals evoke a sense of presence, of the fleeting moments that make an experience memorable. Her imagery is steeped in a sense of warmth and leisure, inviting viewers to experience new tastes, possibilities, and perspectives. From elaborate commercial productions to agile editorial shoots, she moves skillfully between stills and motion, always putting the story first. Having split her time between California and her home country of Malaysia since childhood, she is currently based in Los Angeles and moves seamlessly across cultures and spaces.

26) Gritchelle Fallesgon

Gritchelle is a Filipina American photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in California, her love for the outdoors and bicycling brought her to the Pacific Northwest. Before pursuing photography as a full-time career, she worked as a graphic designer for 10 years, dabbling in illustration and art direction. When she's not behind the lens, you can find her adventuring with her husband & dog, learning to play drums or tending to her crazy house plant collection.

27) Niki Chan Wylie

Niki Chan Wylie is a freelance editorial, documentary and commercial photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Political Science and a B.S. in Environmental Studies. Stemming from her education and experiences, she developed an interest in working with underrepresented communities.

28) Daphne Verzosa

Daphne has been a book editor, blogger, influencer, social media strategist, marketing pro, and now a photographer and photo stylist. You can think of her as a creative Swiss knife who can do anything from creating and executing concepts and styling sets with precision.
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