5 Essential Photoshop AI Resources for Photographers

5 Essential Photoshop AI Resources for Photographers

5 Essential Photoshop AI Resources for Photographers

by The Luupe

Photographer-approved resources for learning the latest Photoshop AI tools to help streamline your workflows and maximize creativity

Looking to infuse AI into your creative workflows? Here are five time-saving resources to help you brush up on the latest AI tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, Firefly, and beyond. Each comes recommended by top professional photographers. Happy learning!
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01 Tap Into Adobe Live Sessions

Adobe partners with creatives from all disciplines to share tips and tricks about their software — including the latest AI features, so you're sure to find a livestream fit for your liking. Two recent favorites are by Luupe members Elle and Arabela of Weekend Creative and Cyn Lagos.
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02 AI for Photographers by Future of Photo

Retoucher and educator Pratik Naik (with special guest Felix Kunze) breaks down the process of adopting AI tools into your existing workflow with clear, actionable steps.
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03 PHLEARN for All Things Photoshop

Aaron Nace, a world-renowned photographer and Photoshop expert, hosts a YouTube channel full of over a decade of photography and editing tips — including ways to leverage generative AI in your workflows.
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04 PiXimperfect to Get Creative in Adobe Firefly

Unmesh Dinda is the founder of PiXimperfect and a Photoshop instructor with free courses and a social archive of videos all geared towards speeding up your editing process.
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05 Courses for Generative Image Making

If you're looking for a better understanding of AI image generation, look no further than the award-winning photographer and educator Ann Elliott Cutting. She's hosting a 3-part online course on AI Generative Imaging through LACP (Los Angeles Center for Photography). It starts May 6th!
"As AI continues to drive global conversation around photography, image makers are utilizing this new terrain to grow and enhance their creativity. Whether you believe AI heralds the demise of photography or are excited to embrace it in your work, you can benefit from familiarizing yourself with this new tool and the possibilities of generative art for creativity."
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How are you keeping up with the latest tech and AI trends in the creative industry? Are you embracing AI as a tool or steering clear? We'd love to hear your thoughts — let us know!
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