5 Brands That are Rethinking how we Visualize Mental Health
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5 Brands That are Rethinking how we Visualize Mental Health

5 Brands That are Rethinking how we Visualize Mental Health

by Etinyene Jimmy

To these brands, it’s an issue that must be consciously tackled every day with insightful and empathetic strategies.

Over the last few years, there has been a shift in the way we view mental health. Mental health America reports that an increasing number of young Americans live with serious depression and its associated issues. This is not surprising, given the prevailing uncertainties ranging from a difficult work-life balance to an ever-changing virus.

Here are some interesting stats:

As a result of these numbers, many brands are evolving their mental health strategies.
Some brands fully incorporate this shift into their daily work culture through strategies like fewer workdays, more paid days off, fully remote working options, and many others. And brands are emerging with products and technologies specifically geared towards improving mental health.
Below, we highlight five brands that are rethinking how we visualize mental health. To these brands, it’s an issue that must be consciously tackled every day with insightful and empathetic  strategies.

These 5 brands are doing mental health right:

Without further ado, here are five brands that are doing it right.

1. Only Human

The clothing brand Only Human takes retail therapy to a new level with a mental health-conscious approach, creating pieces that aim to bring their audience together. They also share their passion for mental health in their marketing content, which emphasizes the shared struggles of human experience.
Only Human partners with different wellness and mental health brands to offer free resources to their audience. From consultations with BetterHelp to meditation exercises with Aura and tons of downloadable resources, the brand  ensures their audiences are fully supported while trying to get help.
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Last year, the theme of their mental health campaign 'Stay,' focused on suicide prevention. They shared different videos from team members on their website and donated 10% of that month's earnings to a mental health foundation. They continue to make this donation every mental health awareness month.
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For this year's mental health awareness week, Only Human partnered with ziggysnaturals to offer audiences free CBD samples on every t-shirt purchase while promising to donate 10% of all sales this month to an LGBTQ nonprofit.
Only Human understands that mental health awareness and care needs to be a collaborative effort to make a lasting impact. The free resources available to their audience show authenticity and are a great way to boost engagement. Plus, we kind of want one of those “Anti-Anxiety Anxiety Club” t-shirts!

2. Bobbie X Mindful Mamas

As a woman  and mom-owned baby formula brand, Bobbie goes above and beyond to tackle moms' mental health issues. In the wake of the national baby-formula shortage, their work and mission is increasingly important.
To increase awareness of breastfeeding issues moms face, they launched feeding confessionals with Mindful Mamas - a year-long study aimed at demystifying breastfeeding and sharing real, raw feeding experiences from moms and parents.
The report showed these shocking statistics:
  • 70% of moms planned to breastfeed exclusively for six months but could not follow through
  • 72% of new moms confessed that feeding their infants was more difficult than they anticipated.
  • 46% of moms lied to people about their feeding choices for their infant
  • 79% of parents feel guilty about certain facts about their infant's feeding journey
The goal of this study, which was backed by third-party research, was to capture the effect of infant feeding on parent mental health. It was also to give new and expecting parents a deep insight into real feeding journeys that have been glamorized over the years.
Bobbie collaborated with Mindful Mamas last year to further support moms on their feeding journeys by offering 20 guided meditation sessions that focused on four major feeding hurdles that parents experience. The sessions were tailored to support parents through breastfeeding and pumping, or chestfeeding, bottle feeding, and even weaning.
Like Only Human, content marketing is a vital megaphone to get Bobbie’s mission and message out there and increase community engagement. They launched their content site Milkdrunk as a platform for new and expecting moms to get real, honest answers to their many questions. Here, mothers get the support they need through the different phases of motherhood, especially feeding, and can connect with other mothers.
Bobbie shows immense passion and empathy for their audiences' plights with mental health issues and makes a conscious effort to ensure they always feel supported.

3. Museum of Peace and Quiet

Fashion can be so chaotic sometimes, with designs that can cause a sensory overload in some people. The Museum of peace and quiet spreads mental health awareness through its minimalist designs. This contemporary brand promotes calmness and tranquility through visually appealing and minimal aesthetics with an earth-friendly theme.
Founded by Ashley and Christian Lennon, the inspiration for this brand came  from burnout and the need to create something that promotes wellness for people in similar situations.
The Museum of Peace and Quiet aims to promote a clear state of mind through simplistic designs of all your favorite items so you can shop without stress. This brand truly understands its audience and what they want to see. With a focus on tranquility, they are  setting a unique pace on mental health awareness.

4. Boohoo

Boohoo is an international fashion brand that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories for all genders. Every year for mental health month, the brand launches social media campaigns with different themes to raise awareness for mental health issues and support different nonprofits.
For example, last year, Boohoo launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #BeKindtoyourmind, and it focused on encouraging its audience to speak positive words about themselves and appreciate who they are.
This year, in collaboration with mental health coach Nawal, Boohoo has launched a 7-day campaign for mental health awareness week with the tag #confidencebyboohoo to encourage their audience to get rid of body image issues and fall in love with their bodies.
Most of Boohoo's mental health advocacy happens on Instagram, where they are constantly sharing motivational quotes and helpful resources. They also get their audience to choose the mental health nonprofits they donate to boost engagement.

5. The Mayfair Group

The Mayfair Group creates awareness for mental health issues through socially conscious and kind mantras printed on clothing. This brand embodies empathy, vulnerability, and compassion and aims to start the conversation around unattainable societal standards on mental health issues.
The founder, Sam Abrahart, does not hesitate to share her struggles with mental health. By doing so, she tries to destigmatize dreaded mental health topics and encourages the audience to speak up.
Last year, The Mayfair group launched a campaign tagged 'Answers may vary' for mental health awareness week to normalize mental health conversations. They set up a pop-up shop as well and donated at least $10,000 to mental health awareness nonprofits.
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This year, The Mayfair group is collaborating with MyWellbeing to provide and promote mental health education through a curriculum and deliver different therapy opportunities to marginalized communities. They set up a $10,000 The Mayfair group X MyWellbeing therapy fund to specifically provide therapy for people who do not have access to it themselves.
With the consistent elevating message on their social media and podcast episodes, The Mayfair Group constantly speaks up on mental health issues through its products, services, and projects. It is a brand that is aware of the impact of mental health awareness on our society.
Many brands are becoming more mentally aware, and it shows in their messaging and the different projects they take on or support. With a rising rate of depression in the Black community and The United States, it’s vital to  support brands that take a bold stand and speak up on issues. Consumers remain loyal to brands that truly care about their well-being, and they will continue to support such businesses.
Etinyene Jimmy
Etinyene Jimmy is a Freelance content writer, copywriter and cat lover with five years experience in writing high-quality content for clients in various niches.
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