This fall at Photoville in NYC, The Luupe will exhibit “Food Visions” – a new look at food photography. 

Food photography has a rich and constantly evolving history. From early still-life experiments to bird’s-eye trends and millennial obsessions with “what’s on my plate,” the possibilities and ways of seeing food are endless.

Food Visions curated by The Luupe, continues these exciting directions. The exhibition includes photographs from 14 artists in The Luupe’s community pushing the boundaries of how we visualize food. These range from photographers with a background in food photography to portrait, and even street photographers working outside their typical genre.

Some photographers, like Penny De Los Santos, known for her warm, storytelling approach, share experimental work. Others, like Jessica Pettway, recognized for her radical product photography, show food with an absurdist eye. Wilding out further, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart uses food as a playful ingredient in self-portraits about the relationships we have with food, animals, and the natural world.

For these photographers, food can be nourishing, grotesque, delicious, or an imaginative prop somewhere in between. What brings these photographers together is a sense of fun and boundary-pushing experimentation.

Exhibition Dates: Sept 18 – Dec 1, 2021. Click HERE for opening day details.
Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5. The Luupe team will be here from 1pm-3pm – please stop by and say hi!

Exhibiting photographers: Birthe Piontek, Akilah Townsend, Blair J. Meadows, Julia Chesky, Poupay Jutharat, Jessica Pettway, Lauren Vied Allen, Siobhan Beasley, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, Maggie Shannon, Nivi Shaham, Penny De Los Santos, Evi Abeler, Gerard + Belevender.

Curated by Keren Sachs, Tracey Woods and Jon Feinstein