A collection of swimming pool photos from around the world, curated by The Luupe.

Because it’s peak summer, we’re hot and sweating, and we really just want to cool down.

Swimming pools are a place of community, family and escape. They’re a refuge from the heat and a trying year. A place to come together.

We wax nostalgic, hopeful, live vicariously, dream of traveling faraway, and celebrate one of the most joyful rites of summer.

Let’s dive in.

Bondi Beach. Sydney, Australia. © Hayley Benoit


Self-portrait © Summer Murdock


Portugal. July, 2019. © Matilde Viegas




Jessica Allain photographed in Los Angeles, California for Zimmerman. © Nathalie Gordon



Los Angeles, CA. © Nathalie Gordon for Elements Magazine




South Orange, New Jersey © Anna Herbst


A beachfront villa in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. © Natasha Lee for Hemispheres Magazine


Tan Lines Fade, Memories Last Forever, 2014. Charlotte, NC. Scan of Impossible Project PX600 Color Shade Film. From the series More Water Under the Bridge © Charlotte Woolf



Abu Dhabi, UAE. © Kirsty Larmour



Island of Women/ Isla Mujeres, Mexico © Alana Celii


Mermaid swimming lesson with friends, © Laurence Philomene for Airbnb Experiences. Montreal, Quebec. December 2019.


Budapest, Hungary © Teresa Freitas


Magic hour in Barcelona, Spain. © Mikaela Gauer



International Showgirl, twelve-time world record holder and holder of world record for 200 hoops at one time, Marawa Ibrahim poses underwater 6 months pregnant in her Los Angeles home. © Lauren Crew


Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. © Veronica Rafael Pavan



Aquatic Center in Christiansburg, Virginia. © Bettina Stammen



Budapest, Hungary © Teresa Freitas


Peninsula Hotel, Chicago © Clarissa Bonet for Chicago Magazine’s Winter 2019 “Radiant Spaces” story.



Anatara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp Resort Hotel, Thailand. © Maya Visnyei


Twin sisters Shira and Shena Pridget. Austin, Texas. Left © Shena Pridgett Right © Shira Pridgett


Gordon Pool. Tel Aviv, Israel. © Sivan Askayo



“Womb.” Buenos Aires, Argentina. © Celeste Martearena


Praia Fluvial das Rocas, Portugal. © Matilde Viegas



137 Pillars Suites and Residences. Bangkok, Thailand. © Maya Visnyei



Seattle, Washington © Yael Nov





Abu Dhabi, UAE. © Kirsty Larmour




Bissau. Berlin, Germany. © Kristin Bethge