A collection of photographs by women and non-binary photographers exploring the many layers of fatherhood, curated by The Luupe. 

For many of us, Father’s Day is a joyful time to express love for our dads. For being there, listening, and having our backs. For others – those who grew up without a dad, experienced loss, or endured difficult relationships, it’s complicated. And as notions of masculinity continue to evolve, Father’s Day is an opportunity to reimagine the potential of what it means to be a dad.

Acknowledging its many angles, as we did for mother’s day, we invited our community  to share their stories of fatherhood through joy, love, and the many grays. Thanks for looking.

Creator of “Afro-Punk” filmmaker James Spooner, holds his daughter Hollis. © Nicky Quamina Woo


Male Madonna. We are too familiar with the archetypical image of Madonna and Child. I wanted to create a portrait of a male Madonna, to illustrate that men can also embody this kind of tenderness and devotion towards their child. The people on the photo are my husband and my daughter.” – Anna Sibylla


“A Father and his friends are dancing and his toddler son joins them. The men all start cheering on the little boy as he dances. Such a beautiful moment to witness a Black Father and his friends experiencing joy. A good example that it takes a village to raise a child.” – Amanda Addison


“I have photographed David and Dennis as they adjusted to their new roles and routines as fathers, welcoming their little daughter, born via surrogacy, into their home. Their joy at finally having their dream come true was palpable.” – Antonina Mamzenko


“After a long time my husband Eran grew his beard, our daughter, Emmanuelle, decided that it’s time to cut it, and that ‘mom and dad are weird enough already and this makes it even worse’. He agreed and so she took a pair of scissors and cut it off. and it was a very sweet moment.” – Elinor Carucci


“I can strongly feel the joy in this embrace. My young adult sons are both warm and compassionate creatures because of their father, who’s always ready to show them his love. My appreciation for this man is beyond measure.” – Andi Schreiber


“This picture was taken in the delivery room the morning after my son was born. My husband had taken our son from me in order to give me a moment to rest my eyes. When I turned around I realized that they had both fallen asleep under a ray of sunshine. It’s one of the sweetest memories I have of them both. ” – Karene Isabelle Jean Baptiste


“Taken in a hotel room after a crushing game of youth soccer, Love in the Afternoon explores a moment of intimacy and vulnerability between my husband and teenage son. I wanted to capture the uncertainty, softness and desire for connection I was feeling and present a more nuanced counterpoint to negative cultural representations of masculinity and traditional father/son relationship.”  – Allison Plass


“In this image, my partner helps our youngest get dried off after a shower. It’s rare that he gets the chance to do something as simple as this (or really, just about anything) with her, because she’s very attached to me and demands that I do everything for her. This elicits much frustration on both our parts, as he wants to help out and be involved, and I want him to be. On the few occasions that she allows him to help her out, I’m always hopeful it’s a turning point and rush to immortalize the moment with my camera.” – Dawn Yow


“Photographer Cornell Watson and his daughter Willa enjoyed a snuggle after the typical wrestling match needed to get a toddler dressed in the morning.” © Kate Thompson


“Every Saturday morning, Paul catches the 08:23 train from Exeter to Bridgwater (UK) to collect Joshua for the night. ‘Weekend Dad’ is a story about the unconditional love between father and son.” – Amy Romer


“I photographed Chris Bridges (Ludacris) for People magazine with his wife, Eudoxie, and children. Since the focus was on fatherhood, we made this photo of them with the piano to bring them together and to have fun. They belted out Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak’s “Leave the Door Open”, which makes it an even more fun moment to keep as a memory. ” – Lynsey Weatherspoon for People Magazine


“Since 2021, parental leave reserved for fathers in Spain is equal to mother’s and cannot be transferred to the mother. My husband enjoyed his full parental leave of 4 months and took care not only of our son, but also his cousins who visited us from time to time. We want our boy to see a different example of masculinity at home in the hope that he will grow up into a new kind of man that this world desperately needs.” – Diana Karklin


“Fatherhood is a tricky balance. On the one hand, there is some level of intimacy between a father and a son. There is tension in the relationship when a boy is on the cusp of becoming a man. On the other hand, there are also societal pressures that dictate how to raise a boy. And when you consider ethnic, racial, and cultural differences, certain stereotypes add another layer of complexity. Thus, the relationship between a father and son constantly adapts over time.” – Betty Kim


“Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been making images with my family, both to document our time together and to escape the bleak reality of isolation, monotony and uncertainty by creating a more colorful and serene world. It helped forgetting what we were missing, and remembering how much we have. This is a portrait of my husband and our son.” – Anastasia Sierra


“My husband holding our son in the palm of his hand. Showing that his life is literally in the palm of his hand.” – Brittanie Renoj


“My partner enjoying skin-to-skin with our firstborn, Amelia Jo. Things have changed so quickly for him in this year since graduating from college. We moved into this new home to make room for our baby and he is working so hard every week so I can stay home with her. I know he wishes he could be with us all day like he was in those early days when he had paternity leave.” – Amy Badgett Beck


“Pedro is a 5th generation mezcal producer. He lives with his extended family at the distillery in Matatlan, Oaxaca. He is already teaching his son Mateo a love for the family craft.” – Anna Bruce


“I identify as a polyamorous gay trans man, primarily with a bear bent. My partner Mike and I have been together a little more than twenty-five years, and that was the core beginning of our relationship. I also identify as a dad. My son just turned eleven last week. He’s actually my grandson; my daughter passed away six years ago from cancer. When she passed, he realized very quickly that he didn’t have a mom and he didn’t have a dad, so we let him figure out how that felt to him and what he wanted to do about it. And he decided he wanted dads. I think he’s pretty clear that we’re grandpas but it doesn’t suit him…and he always introduces us as his dads.” – Sky (left) with Mike. Photographed by Jess T. Dugan, from their series To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults


“I live with my parents and have for the past few years. My dad and I are morning people, but he’s always up before me, making breakfast and singing to the dog, singing to me as soon as I round the corner. I tried all summer to make a photo of him waking up but could never get up in time. When the timing finally worked out, it was late in the season and the sun had shifted lower in the sky. The light that, weeks before, had hit his pillow perfectly now left his face in shadow. I asked him to move for the light and my dad, who loves to joke around, flopped over the side of the mattress thinking it would make a silly photo. I ended up with this instead.” – Anne Vetter


“My father stayed with me during lockdown and we had a unique opportunity to be thrown into much closer contact than usual. During this time, I was able to capture moments of quiet and reflection around the home with him. Photographing him has created the possibility for collaboration, exploring our relationship as a father and daughter, teaching us to be more present in our relationship.” – Lauren Forster


“My husband was exhausted from his job as an estate dairy herdsman and cheesemaker and was resting on the couch. My daughter got comfortable next to him. It was one of the first times our daughter got a good look at his iPhone, but sadly, I knew this would be a familiar pose in the future.” – Kari Grimsby


“Marshall and Lily shot in their family home in Abbey Wood, Kent. Their first photo together, Lily is just 3 days old wearing a matching pizza outfit with her daddy, May 2021. ” – Hayley Benoit


“Mateo Waiting on Bath, 2012, Brooklyn, from the series Domestic Negotiations 2012 – present ” – Lesly Deschler Canossi


“Learning to swim was a luxury my father’s family couldn’t afford when he was young. And so when I was a child, he made sure my sisters and I took lessons as soon as we could. He always stands a safe distance from land, watching us swim, his body tense but his eyes sparkling.” – Katherine Emery


“This is a personal photo of my son and husband by the sea. My son is really fond of his father, he sees him almost as a hero figure. I can see in this photograph how my son feels safe behind his father, he knows his dad will protect him no matter what and that’s what I love about it. ” – Marion Pelletant


“We often talk about motherhood, about the special bond that mothers have with their children. Fatherhood has evolved in an incredible way in recent years. Fathers involved, present and listening. I like to keep these beautiful moments in memory. ” – Chrystel Mukeba


“After following this one-ring American circus for a decade, I became part of the family and documented life behind the curtain for these circus performers. This father was training his daughter early on, to be a contortionist. As she grew older she would master the trapeze and fly through the air with the rest of her extended circus family.” – Norma Quintana


“Just a morning with my partner and my son.” – Katharine Peachey


“This photograph of my Father embodies how I view him and our relationship; Through a glass window. A barrier that is clear, and boxed in. Simple but composed of many moments and particles. I believe we share an acute awareness of our strained love for one another.” – Kelli Jai Mckinney


“My grandparents, Pappy and Gremmy, were the primary caretakers for their 65-year-old daughter as she suffered from colon cancer in 2020. A few weeks after losing her, Pappy hosted family at his grill once a week, outdoors and socially distant due to an ongoing pandemic.” – Margo Reed


“In Hyde Park, a dad was playing with his baby under the sun. ” – Qiuling Liu


“Capturing motherhood through my lens also means capturing fatherhood because my partner is important in the way I experience motherhood. When I have my me time, which isn’t too often with a baby, I’m able to watch these two beautiful boys grow their bond and love for each other. Hearing them laugh together is something I look forward to always. ” – Allyson Thomas


“My husband Julian is an exceptionally committed father. Recently Julian has been learning sign language to communicate with our son Jasper, who has multiple disabilities and limited language. This photograph is from my series, “Our Shadows Grow Taller Than Trees,” which explores our family life and my son’s journey with neurological blindness.” – Cozette Russell


“This Mary Oliver quote has become my mantra: ‘If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, con’t hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty of lives and whole towns destroyed or about to be. We are not wise, and not very often kind. And much can never be redeemed. Still life has some possibility left. Perhaps this is its way of fighting back, that sometimes something happens better than all the riches or power in the world. It could be anything but very likely you notice it in the instant when love begins….‘ ” Bethany Mollenkof


It’s always the same; first comes the burst of high energy, then Hux melts down, then we soothe him; he often needs this consoling to calm down. His father provides this tender, loving care best every time.” – Annie Claflin


“”My father has always allows been so open to letting me photograph him. I’ve done so over the last 15 years. In this image I wanted to photograph him the way I emotionally perceive him- as gentle, secure, kind and strong hearted.” – Christian Najjar


“This photo of my brother and his Daughter was to during the Covid 19 lockdown in 2020. The compulsory lockdown in Lagos,Nigeria brought my family closer than we used to and this image was taken during playtime with his daughter on a hot afternoon, it was a bonding process for both Father and daughter and I photographed that.” – Taesirat Yusuf


“My best friend, my husband and the man who helped me bring my dream of a beautiful family to life even after three years of thinking that dream would never happen. And here he is with our two daughters Lola and Hazel who think he’s the greatest man alive, which he truly is.” – Jasmine Leonard


“My sister cutting our dads hair. A tender moment that I have seen so many times, but this time I saw my dads age, his mortality and felt compelled to document.” – Katelyn Kopenhaver


“My son adores his father. They are able to slip into each others world and hang out. It has been my privilege to capture some of these moments of simply being father and son.” – Belamie Peddle


“Mohammad Haris, a Muslim feminist surrounded by some of the woman in his life. Seen here joking with his daughters and his wife, they cherish the joy of everyday life after a lifetime of struggle. ” – Hanifa Haris


“My father, who is not a barber, likely never thought he’d be shaving his only daughter’s head. He continued to do it several times for fives years when asked without hesitation – although he refused to shave any shorter than the 2 inch guard. Our dog waited his turn on the table.” – Emilia Wronski


“For any dad, Fatherhood starts a fair few months before when a second little blue line shows up. Fast forward to D-Day and this is the 30th hour of a 43-hour long labour. In 13 hours, he gets to hold his daughter for the very first time. ” – Emily Renier


“Dad helps mom to get ready for the new baby girl photo shoot. He is holding the mirror so mom can get lipstick while she carries the baby. A juxtaposition of his buff physique and tattooed arms that made it so much strong and tender at the same time. ” – Huguette Ampudia


“I’ve been documenting the relationship between my husband and our daughter since she was born. Among other things he does for her, I want her to be able to remember how he is always happy to oblige when she asks him to scratch her back. I’m pretty sure if she asked for the moon he would try to catch it for her.” – Johanna King


“The strength of a father to uphold and raise his daughter from birth to forever” – April Johnston


“I began photographing Roger and our daughter, Emma, at her birth 26 years ago. Their quiet, everyday gestures here speak of a father’s protection, a child’s trust and the love between them.” – Melissa Anne Pinney


“This tintype portrait was made of my father soon after the death of his partner, a family friend and foe. He was in his late 80s. ” – Joni Sternbach


“Minutes after the birth of their daughter, the father, who is a blacksmith by trade, tests her grip with his work worn hand. ” – Jennifer MacNeill


“Our daughter was born in March 2020, into what has been a wild and difficult year. My husband was right there beside me, through all of it, and seeing him as a total partner in parenting our child has been the best part, hands down. It has made me love him more with every passing day.” – Lisa Weatherbee


“This was a special occasion near Olvera Street. It is obvious who the father is by the resemblance between him and his daughter.” – Mara Zaslove


“I was riding along the North side of Montgomery, Alabama and I stopped because I saw an exchange of a mother and father with their Son. At that moment, the father had just woken up. The mother was a nurse heading to work.” – Sydney A. Foster from her series Walks in the South 


“The relief, the joy, and even the slightest fear in his eyes after watching his wife deliver their first child into the world. Birth is often said to be transformational for the woman, she changes from woman, to mother. However, so do the men. They watch, they support, they encourage and suddenly their life has changed forever, they are now a father. ” – Charlie Halman


“Through the eyes of a mother, Pesqui and Papi series’ portrait: Melting Together explores the relationship between a son and his father, and it captures the intimacy of their life: an extraordinary quiet moment from my always-active son. Natural light, natural pose. South-Eastern light coming through the window when Pesqui and Papi entangle as if they are ‘one’ – on the walls in our NYC apartment a Sunday morning with not so much to do but to be together.” – Vicky Azcoitia


“I took this portrait of my father as he was exercising in the gym. For me, it represents the distant relationship we have, as I’ve always felt he has his guards up towards me.” – Catalina Reyes


“My dad has been the head of the family from a very young age. After his father died he assumed responsibility for his home. Later, when he married my mother and had us, his daughters, it was no different. He has always been the father who provides, who takes care of everything, the one that finds the solution to any problem. For him there is nothing impossible, especially if the tranquility and happiness of his wife and daughters depends on it. Despite the fact that the relationship he had with my mother was very dependent and to a certain extent sexist (he did and decided everything while my mother was responsible for raising us and taking care of the household), it was different with us. He instilled in us to be self-reliant, not to depend on anyone, he taught us that just because we are women, success and happiness are not based on getting married or having children, more important than that is to be happy and have the freedom to choose the life we want to live. He and my mother had the best marriage they could have, it was not a fairy tale, but it was what they chose, repeating patterns that they had grown up with and that were normalized for their time. But my father always wanted something different for us, based on his experience and having three female daughters, he did not want to see us repeat the same story. I think that it’s largely thanks to him that my sisters and I have grown up knowing that we have a world full of possibilities, where we can be whatever we choose, even if we do not fit in with what society, or our own family, expects from us just for being women. And I’ll always be grateful for that.
” – Rochi Leon

“This dad was supporting his wife through their home birth. He helped to catch their baby, Twin A. Then he watched his wife in awe, as he held their daughter, and waited for his wife to give birth to Twin B.” – Jennifer Mason


“My father looks out the window during his first Christmas without his wife in 65 years. This photograph was taken a month she passed away.” – Brenda Spielmann


“If I had a super power, it would be to fly.” This is a portrait that I made of my grandfather in Atlixco, Mexico. He has been like a father to me and my best friend.” – Karla Guerrero


“Early morning, my twin girls are dressed and fed… it’s 6:30am. They are happily mugging their dada who is not dressed or fed.” – Pam Connolly


“My dad cooking after losing his job to the pandemic. He was one of many people in the United States who lost their job during a global pandemic, and for five months, my father felt incredibly lost. The only thing that genuinely lifted his mood, relationships, and overall mental and emotional health was cooking. He was influenced by the idea of selling homemade food to our friends and family, and luckily that was how he was able to make ends meet. It even sparked him to plan to open a restaurant, but then an ancient friend of his was retiring, and my father was able to replace him. He works every day, including weekends that now he does not have the time to cook his prominent and delicious meals.” – Jennifer Villaneuva


“My husband and son, both eating their favorite meals at the same time.” – Jenae Lien


“My daughter leaping onto her father’s (my husband’s) back. I love this moment. Her complete trust that he won’t drop her and the joy on both of their faces.” – Robyn Breen Shinn


“My dad (Elliot Erwitt), in his 90s, is still most at ease behind a camera. He’s assumed this position for nearly 80 years, and it’s a very familiar view to myself and his other children. ” – Sasha Erwitt  


July 5, 2020: “Having always known he wanted to be a father, my husband Thierry’s parenthood is filled with a lifetime of anticipation. His calm and gentle demeanor has kept our family rooted through the uncertainty of the pandemic. But the threat of the virus also awakened us to how easily life can unravel. Protective of our inner world, we take fewer risks than our friends and neighbors. We are getting used to disappointing them.” – Emily Schiffer


“A father goofs around with his son who is literally his mini me!” – Sue Barr


“A photo of (and ode to) my husband, dad extraordinaire to our 6- and 2-year-olds, and chief child wrangler, chef and chauffer. This was a behind-the-scenes/on-the-road moment from an editorial assignment covering Southern California roadtrips. While I got to bring my family along for the ride, my husband definitely lived out this parenting meme: ‘parents don’t really go on vacation. They just take care of their kids in a different city.’ – Tiffany Luong


“Father and Daughter after lockdown in one of their beautiful moments together ” – Tatiana Cinelli


“This is the only photo I’ve ever taken of my father. He’s an incredibly private man, but on this unique occasion, he allowed me to photograph him in a moment of what I can only describe as exhilarating strength in cutting down an overgrown tree in our backyard. ” – Erika Suarez


“This is my husband walking with our son on our very rainy and windy holiday. To me fatherhood represents that strength of carrying your child all the way when your own back is hurting. ” – Saskia Albers


‘At Friendly’s for breakfast, during a family vacation in Pennsylvania, mom left to find snooty coffee, and came back to find daddy and Evie had eaten an ice cream sundae. He’s her dad, and he’s always teaching her to enjoy life.” – Valerie Shively


“I photographed myself and my father during one of our brief hangouts amid Covid. I had been giving him support via helping him with day to day online tasks in quarantine. In addition I got married via zoom and my father had to witness this moment through a screen. This photo is the embodiment of my feeling of living through screen time connection only and how it brought us together while simultaneously isolated us.” – Heather Quercio


David Burka, Neil Patrick Harris and their children. Photographed by Annie Tritt 


“As a result of his association with the guerilla party during the revolution in my country of El Salvador, dad was wanted dead or alive by our government. We moved to the U.S.A as refugees but dad died as a result of alcoholism years later, which was caused by the depression he suffered over being a failed portrait painter. My fondest memory of him is watching his “Buddha Belly” pop-out of the ocean water as he floated on top of it peacefully, with his eyes shut.” – Rocio DeAlba


“After losing my father almost four years ago I find myself connecting more with him through the belongings that were a part of his identity. I may wear his button down, or perfectly broken in loafers, or sift through his archive of slides. He may be gone, but he lives on in my heart and through the pieces he left behind.” – Vanessa Gonzalez–Bunster


“I understand two spectrums of fatherhood; the absence of my biological father and the presence of the man who raised me. When I turned 21 a woman claiming to be my half-sister gave me a single photograph of our father, in an effort to preserve the image and reclaim my experience I created this still-life. Besides my green eyes, and I’m sure, various other small marks of my identity, my relationship to my biological father was constructed through this slightly damaged family photograph. ” – Amanda Thomas


“Creator of life, protector of hearts, teacher of wisdom. ” – Roz Kumari


France, 2016. “My twin boys say early goodbye to their father before we part ways for a while, trying to balance work and family. ” – Yael Ben-Zion


A father holding his 12-hour-old baby girl. Photographed by Svetlana Jovanovic


“In the middle of the global pandemic of 2020 I moved in with my father to help care for him after he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The veteran, former teacher and retired military officer has lived in Central Texas for over 47 years.” – Penny De Los Santos


“My dad sits in his pajamas, drinking coffee at his home in rural Idaho. He is 92, blind in one eye, and lives alone. Life is getting harder for him but he refuses help and tries to do everything by himself. ” – Natalie Behring


“John gets home just in time to get his kids, Magnolia and Rocky ready for bed.” Boston, MA 2020 – Mikaela Martin


“The week of our stay-cation in West Coast of Ireland, during the first summer of Covid-19 was pretty windy and rainy. And on the last day we got a blasting sunshine, warm super waves of Atlantic Ocean. We stayed in the beach for 5 hours, and went swimming many many times. It was the most amazing time of fun, closeness and utter joy. ” – Greta Dominaityte


“This photo of my husband and daughter taking a nap together is from This is Home, an ongoing project documenting the daily life of my British-Nigerian family in and around our home in Kent since 2017. Inspired by photographs I would have loved to see of my own childhood, the images capture our connection as a family – the fleeting, unposed moments of life between the big milestones we’re accustomed to recording.” – Iko Ojo Mercy Haruna


“This baby was the first born to any of my close friends and we all flew out to LA to meet her. I was pregnant with my first when I shot this, and I remember taking notes on everything they did. I love the team effort to wash the baby and the enamored new dad expression on his face.” – Lucy Schaeffer


“When I was a child my father taught me the excitement of Mexican wrestling, we use to watch the matches together, but he died when I was 7 years old, however, the fascination for the Lucha Libre stayed with me. Many years later, I immigrated to the US and learn to “”Luchar”” like many other immigrants. The word “Lucha,” has a double meaning in Spanish. On the one hand, it is the name of the wrestling match, and on the other hand, it is the battle we carry out to overcome obstacles–to struggle, to fight. A “”luchador”” is one who fights to get ahead, engaged in a struggle to achieve her or his goals. This photograph is part of my personal project “Immigrant Luchadores”. The mask is a symbol representing their identity as invisible Latinx immigrants. By wearing the mask, they become local superheroes, empowering themselves to freely share their inspirational immigration story. In this image, the Luchador father with his two-year-old daughter has been Luchando to raise his family. About 5.9 million American citizen children live with at least one undocumented parent, and approximately half a million children experience the loss of a parent to deportation in a span of two years. I lost my father in the Lucha against cancer but that taught me to become a Luchadora and help others to also become Luchadores.” – Miriam Alarcon Avila


“This graceful, steady Danish father of two held his newborn daughter, while blood and strength surged through his veins. Just three weeks later, he would undergo unplanned open-heart surgery. Fatherhood is fleeting; cradle it.” – Lillian Petersen


“To look upon what you’ve created, and realize that everything you’ve ever wanted, you wish for him. ” – Nikki O’Leary


“The occasion was my husband’s birthday. My 14 year old son had asked his dad to teach him how to shave. This ritual in fatherhood turned a simple teaching gesture into a memento.” – Anna Grevenitis


“A wellspring of beauty and complexity, displayed like no other form of creation could. ” – Yanique Oloko


“Daisuke and I met through the Couchsurfing app and spent the day walking around Rabbit Island, feeding the rabbits and sharing our life stories and connecting deeply. When he found out I grew up without my father he cried and told me how much he misses having his children around.” – Sabine Metz


“Traveling has always been a big part of what our family does together but most times little legs find it hard to keep up. Good thing she has a dad who loves to keep her close.” Suzanne Gipson. Iceland 2019.


“I have always used a camera to explore challenging times and having my first baby during the pandemic in 2020 was no different. Frustrated and isolated I began a daily photo diary as part of my CBT therapy. This photograph captured a tender fatherly moment of consolation on 16 week jab day.” – Louisa Mayman


“My husband manages to do it all: work, feed us and entertain two kids, a dog and a horse all with loving kindness. We couldn’t survive without him.” – Denise Crew


“My friend Alejandro decided to go back to Peru to be close to his family. He has an older son but is his younger daughter who has giving him the opportunity to grow as a father as the girl’s mother has become an absent figure. He feels very proud he can be there for Mia, his daughter. ” – Zonia Zena


“Whilst the role of childcare in a family might not have traditionally fallen to the Father, there are many households out there in the world now sharing parenting responsibilities or where the Father takes on the role of Stay at Home parent. In this photo my husband was carrying our newborn daughter with our son running around in the background while I was working, taking some photos. I turned around to see this strong standing, proud man watching his partner work whilst he cared for the children and I wanted to capture the strength of Fatherhood and the happiness I witnessed within that moment.” – Jenni DeLuca Bambe


“For the first few weeks of Shelter in Place, we kept waking up with at least one kid in our bed. We realized at that moment – they too were processing the world at the same time – and although they were adjusting to the new normal…they still needed a safe place to just be held” – Smeeta Manhati


“Multitask fathers are better than just fathers. Rodrigo taking advantage of every single minute of Jimena’s nap.” – Ana Ortega


“Even before my father’s death in 2007, I had begun a portrait of him. A portrait in the traditional sense seemed too flat for me, and led me nowhere in my attempt to understand him. Beginning three weeks before he died and finishing more than two years later, I crafted an abstracted composite portrait that I felt captured essential aspects of him, or at least laid bare the necessary questions. In all of my work, my interest is in the imprint, documenting the traces left after the subject has gone. In this series I experiment with time—both historical and photographic. Some images are an instant exposure of a time-worn object, while others digitally stitch together months within a single frame. My interest in these objects is emotional, but also forensic and archival. It’s also about trying to piece together something that is ultimately beyond my grasp.” – Alexandra Rowley