We asked our community of women and non-binary photographers to share images that speak to their visions of democracy in 2020 with a few words about why voting is important to them. Here are some of our favorites.                                   […]

We asked our community of women and non-binary photographers to share images that speak to their visions of democracy in 2020 with a few words about why voting is important to them.

Here are some of our favorites.

“This hairpin belonged to my grandmother who loved the Democratic Party. Voting is one small way I can pay tribute to her.” – Laura Thompson


“I’m excited to vote out the dangerous noise coming out of the White House” – Diane Allford


“I’m voting to save democracy.” – Christina Gandolfo


“I came to the US from South Korea at the age of five and became a naturalized citizen when I was in college. It was a big deal – my friends threw me a party. I proudly voted in the next election to exercise my new right as a citizen. I am now a member of the military community and my spouse has been on several combat deployments in order to safeguard the freedoms of American citizens, including the very important right to vote.” – Arin Yoon


“I vote to solidify grassroots organizing into long term political policy.” – Desdemona Dallas


“Thanks to a convoluted immigration system, it took 20 years to navigate a work visa and green card to finally get my citizenship! I’ve paid taxes, bought homes, and an expensive graduate degree in the last 20 years. But I didn’t have the right to vote. So here I am, in my sari, at the ballot drop off in DC. We are a nation of immigrants. Our diversity makes America great! I urge all of you to vote, for many more people like me, who pay our dues but don’t get a vote for years!” – Pavni Guharoy


“I wasn’t always into politics and the voting process. But due to the political climate as of the last fours years, I’m realizing the importance of it not just on a national level, but state and local as well.” – Kivvi Roberts


“Voting is important to me because we need to flex this right we have to democracy. Many countries in the world don’t have the option to vote. I’m grateful for that opportunity and I won’t take it for granted.” – Angie Smith, from her series for New American Voters 2020.


“For me, voting is one gesture in a lifetime of movements committed to dismantling white supremacy and antiquated laws that impact our people and planet. It wasn’t long ago that women did not have the right to vote and still in 2020 voting is treated as a privilege, not a right granted to all peoples (e.g. the five U.S. territories), even though the laws still control everyone’s future. ” – Mikayla Whitmore


“I’m so worried about our country and where we seem to be headed. I say I vote for climate change and health care for all and mostly for the children but that’s really all one in the same, isn’t it?” – Deborah Saul


“Voting for me is an act of protest. One of the single most important ways I know how to stand up to power and demand change.” – Carla J. Harris (via A Yellow Rose Project)


“I am voting for family— mine, and for others. I’m very close to my family and want them to be taken care of. My father is a veteran and an elder. He’s a musician and a poet and a fine art restorative carpenter. He knows so much about wildlife and art. I call this image ‘a Father-Daughter Masterpiece’. When I cast my vote for Joe Biden I will also be voting for dad’s rights and access to resources as an elder and a veteran who served this country. Thank you for your love and service to my life and country.” – Lauren Hare


“I vote for all of the women who fought for me to have the right. Because our democracy is being threatened. I vote so my children can wake up in November to a world where honesty, compassion, and basic human decency, kindness, and respect for all people and our planet prevail” – Jamie Riva


“I voted because I believe they want us to be too exhausted to use our voice, but I won’t let that happen. There’s people in this country who can’t vote or lost their lives thanks to injustices and I want to be sure I do it for their sake as well. I won’t forfeit one of the rights I can actually control.” – Shena Pridgett


“Voting in this election is a matter of life and death for myself and for the millions living in this country. Our vote is our voice struggling to lift up and carry on the values and ideals for which the American flag is supposed to represent.” – Jessica Chen


“I started this project 2 years ago during the mid-term elections in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh appointment. Let’s just say…it was catharsis….I picked the series back up for this most crucial of elections. The catharsis is still palpable, and the need more urgent than ever…. It has felt good to laugh and create weird food photos in the name of democracy.” – Nina Gallant in collaboration with Kelly Hansen


© Djeneba Aduayom. This image of civil rights activist and founder ofHead High Entertainment Helen Jones is part of Levi’s 2020 campaign to drive voter turnout. Jones writes “Lives were lost to give us the right to vote so all of us can have a brighter future. My message is Yes your vote is powerful because your vote is your voice.”


“I vote to protect the trees, animals, children and to fight for equal rights, our planet, gun safety, and science-based education.” – Nat Chitwood


“Voting is essential to making sure our democracy remains strong and our voices are heard.” – Jayme Burrows


“I am voting to defend democracy, for women’s rights, for education, for love not hate, for decency, for science. Because it’s the least we can do for what is right.”  – Ashima Yadava

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