The Luupe’s New Look

The Luupe’s site update makes it easier for brands and photographers around the world to connect and collaborate.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been updating our platform and website to help brands and photographers find each other to tell powerful stories together.

Our update showcases our benefits for photographers and brands and provides a deeper dive into The Luupe’s founding vision and guiding principles. It also includes a robust visual refresh and a deeper focus on some of the extraordinary photographers in our 200+ photographer community. Look out for case studies from forward-looking brands like Dropbox and Cha Cha Matcha.

We zero in on what the experience is like being a part of the Luupe. We provide a step by step guide for photographers and brands to better understand how our platform works and how to be a part of it.

About Us

For brands, we clarify how we stand out in the deepening sea of imagery and content creation. This means streamlining the production process to a single platform for sourcing and production. In many cases, our scaled and collaborative process allows multiple photographers around the world to join forces and drive the many angles of every brand’s story.

For photographers, we clarify the benefits of being part of our growing community and platform. The Luupe steps in as an administrative support system. We now manage contracts, invoicing, and other hurdles to help photographers focus on the creative process. We also expand on what we – and brands – are looking for to help guide photographers on getting their best foot forward.

The Luupe for Brands

This update reflects our commitment to getting our diverse community of women and non-binary photographers in front of today’s most inspiring brands, and our plans to build for the future. Our goal is to clarify our mission and focus, incorporating feedback we’ve received from our community and clients.

The Luupe for Photographers

Most importantly, we surface what we do best – simplifying how the best photographers can collaborate with the best brands to make great work. Stay tuned for another update in the coming weeks. This will include features that will create even more ease around the review and feedback process.

Let’s make something great together.