An Innovative Look at Cocktail Photography

Detroit photographer EE Berger finishes off an uncertain summer with beautifully photographed, locally sourced custom cocktails.

Our surreal summer is almost over – where enjoying craft cocktails and nearly everything else is a socially-distanced luxury. As a result, it’s changed how many food and beverage photographers work, like Detroit-based EE Berger, whose summers are normally the busiest time of the year.

In early August, Berger shifted her focus to experiment with new creative ideas and support local businesses. She made and photographed her own “Peak Summer Cocktails” in bold, colorful still lifes with produce from Detroit’s Eastern Market and flowers from Willa Rose Floral.

“I came up with this series to practice my skills being a one-woman production team,” Berger tells The Luupe, “and to feature all the amazing flowers and produce Michigan churns out in the peak of summer.” For Berger, it’s a way to generate new ideas and support her community in uncertain times.

Cherry Moscow Mule © Emily Berger
Plum Margarita © Emily Berger


Blueberry+ Opal Basil Gimlet © Emily Berger
Bourbon Peach Smash with Chamomile © Emily Berger