Portraits of Powerful Women by Powerful Women Photographers

To celebrate Women’s History Month and add some brightness to our socially-distant world, we compiled portraits of powerful women from The Luupe’s community of women and nonbinary photographers.

To us, being “powerful” goes beyond the traditional notion of celebrity. Political influence and media presence are part of it. It also means being on the front lines to care for the sick. Using one’s voice and supporting one’s family or community. Ultimately, it’s about contributing goodwill to the world and fiercely pushing forward.

Let’s applaud these women together.

Olympic gold medalist Ashleigh Johnson, who made history in 2016 as the first African American woman to play on the US women’s Olympic Water Polo team. © Gina Levay


Mexican illustrator Andonella – illustrated the book Amiga Date Cuenta – the first book in Latin America that talks openly to preteens and teens about issues around sex, body image, LGBTQ and many other still-taboo topics. Photographed by Catalina Kulczar


Assunta, personal care support worker and part of CUPE (Toronto City Workers Union). Photographed by Taylor Roades.


“This is my best friend – photographed a few years ago. It’s actually a maternity photo. We did the typical photos too but she had a very, very rough pregnancy, so I wanted to take something a little different for her. She was told throughout her pregnancy, the chances of having a normal birth and a ‘normal’ baby were slim. She persevered, mostly alone throughout her pregnancy. Amazingly, baby and birth all turned out fine, against all odds.”  Words and photo by Tytia Habing.


Entrepreneur Abena Boamah M. Ed – founder of Hanahana Beauty – photographed by Deun Ivory


Two women in Bo-Kaap, Capetown photographed for the launch of the Hasselblad X1D II by Taylor Roades


Christina Alcalay
Fashion designer Christina Alcalay photographed by Frances F. Denny


US Women’s Soccer Team – photographed by Erin Patrice O’Brien


Musician Ella Vos. Photographed by Kate Rentz


Dr. Bernadette Anderson, founder of Life in Harmony. Photographed by Stephanie Matthews


Actress Susan Kirby photographed by Svetlana Jovanovic


Actress, writer, and screenwriter Malena Pichot with her cat. Pichot is one of the biggest symbols of feminism in Argentina and has been fighting for women’s rights and legal abortion for years. Photographed by Celeste Martearena.


Brooklyn Nets host, Founder/Ceo of @lovesquad, Peloton instructor and TEDx speaker Ally Love. Photographed by Sara Haille


Sexual assault survivor rights activist, Rise founder Amanda Nguyen pictured on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, photographed by Kate Warren for her Nobel Peace Prize nomination announcement.


Rodeo Queens, Montana. Photographed by Katrina d’Autremont


Singer, songwriter, and actress Janelle Monae photographed by Erin Patrice O’ Brien


Artist, Filmmaker, and Activist Miranda July. Photographed for Uniqlo by Elizabeth Weinberg


Issa Rae. Photographed for Refinery 29 by Djeneba Aduayom. Stylist: Shibon Leigh, Set Design: Shelley Burgon Studio, Hair: Loving Your Hair. Makeup: Joanna Simkin


Deborah Harry aka Blondie. Photographed by Elizabeth Renstrom


Writer, lecturer academic and activist Rachel Cargle. Photographed for Salty Magazine by Jessica Pettway


Xiomara Soler Sanchez, Jalisco, Ballet Folkórico De Colores – Grito Folk Dancer Photographed by Lauren Vied Allen for VSCO


Actress Kiernan Shipka photographed for The Wing by Katherine Pekala


Marcy Skowronski, owner of The Holler House on the Southside of Milwaukee Wisconsin, a tavern that houses the oldest sanctioned bowling alley in the United States. Photographed by Sara Stathas


Erika Rose – multidimensional artist, warrior, and teacher of transformation and healing. Photographed by Seher Sikandar


Asma Dahir – Miss Africa Utah, 2017. Photographed for Oprah Magazine by Angie Smith


Actress Taylor Foster photographed by Natalie Chitwood


Legendary designer, raconteur, author, model, New York style icon and Holocaust survivor Tziporah Salamon. Photographed by Emily Hlavac Green


U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Photographed for The New York Times by Annie Tritt


Tina Roth Eisenberg – founder of CreativeMornings, Tattly, Swissmiss, and Friends Work Here. Photographed by Catalina Kulczar


Ferne Caulker Bronson, founder of the Ko-Thi Dance Company in Milwaukee, WI photographed by Sara Stathas


Kathy Griffin. Photographed by Jana Cruder


Emmy-winning producer Rikki Hughes photographed by Christina Gandolfo for Emmy Magazine. Hughes received an Emmy award in 2018 for producing Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “Equanimity.” Hughes is the first black woman to win in the category.


“After witnessing the Kavanaugh hearings, I was devastated and heartbroken and REALLY PISSED off. I had wanted to create images that reflect this time in which we are living and made a political statement for awhile. I met with my dear friends and amazing activists Lulu Brud and Gabrielle Weissman and we created our Vote Your Change campaign. We gathered together our community of women in Los Angeles to make our voices heard because together we can create change.” – Words and photo – Morgan Pansing


Actress, dancer and filmmaker Luna Arboleda photographed by Frances F. Denny


Friend, mother of two, and full-time makeup artist Bernadette. Photographed by Brooke Frederick