10 Fun Creative Collaborations from The Luupe in 2023

10 Fun Creative Collaborations from The Luupe in 2023

10 Fun Creative Collaborations from The Luupe in 2023

by The Luupe

Get inspired for the year ahead with a look back at some of our favorite visual stories from The Luupe Studio of 2023

Let's celebrate and reflect on the creatives, brands, and visual stories that made 2023 an incredible year #InTheLuupe. Here's to a creative and inspiring year ahead — we can't wait to collaborate with you!

01 Uber: Re-imagining Corporate Branding

Explore the office and culture of Uber Amsterdam through a fun, fresh perspective. 🎥: Marijke de Gruyter
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02 Sonos: Capturing Authentic Moments

Sonos speakers make your everyday moments magical — from spurring impromptu family dance sessions to catching up on some much-needed self-care. 🎥: Victoria Wall Harris
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03 Sweetgreen: Reaching Local Audiences

Luupe members from coast to coast have photographed over 80 (and counting!) Sweetgreen restaurants as they expand across the United States. Check out Peabody, Massachusets below 📸: Sasha Pedro.
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04 Corkcicle: Embracing Everyday Cool

Corkcicle's products make the perfect on-the-go companion — from NYC commutes captured by Sara and peaceful moments in the park by Katelyn to fall fun at the apple orchard by Cateand more! Below 📸: Jass Durhal and Stephanie Stanley.
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05 Marriott: Seeing Beyond

Luupe members across the world tell the stories of communities that often go unseen in Marriott Bonvoy Traveler's ongoing series Seeing Beyond. Take a look at the first four photo essays in this series:
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06 TravelPro: Exploring the World in Style

We're ready to jetset after seeing TravelPro's stylish collection of luggage hit the streets of Barcelona and Los Angeles — captured by Carla and Yael! Below 🎥: Carla Step.
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07 Klean Kanteen: Thumb-stopping Stop-Motion

Luupe members create monthly content for Klean Kanteen's social and e-commerce channels. Some of our 2023 favorites are stop-motion reels of their earth-friendly products — like their new Rise Food Boxes below 🎥: Emily Teater and Wine Tumblers by Wini Lao.
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08 LesserEvil: Snackable Moments for Every Occasion

From Valentine's Day captured by Lauren to space adventures by Genya, we help LesserEvil create a fresh stream of photos and videos for every seasonal product release throughout the year. Below 📸⁠: Jessie Clapp.
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09 DIG: DIGging In Together

Along with photographing DIG's new stores as they grew this year — Luupe member Katelyn Perry brought to life their DIGs-giving holiday campaign.
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10 Turo: Celebrating Every Adventure

Turo makes renting a car for that special celebration a breeze — whether you're headed to an adjacent borough or off the grid. Take a first look at our work for Turo 📸⁠ by Poupay below.
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