This Illustration Campaign is Firing Us Up to Vote

Paola Parsons’ 50 days of Voting illustration-a-day campaign combines smart, voting-positive messages with beautiful images.

In late September, a simple yet powerful illustration popped up in our Instagram scroll.
The letters V O T E in red blue, yellow, and pink on a black background with a heart in place of the letter O.

The image was created by Santa Cruz-based illustrator, letterer, and former copywriter Paola Parsons in honor of her brother’s 25th birthday. “I wished him a happy birthday and jokingly said that he should give himself the gift of double-checking his voter registration.” To Parsons’ dismay, her brother hadn’t registered.

This fired up Parsons’ ongoing “50 Days of Voting” – an illustration-a-day campaign celebrating the urgency of voting. While the campaign hasn’t gone full-viral (yet), it’s caught the eyes of celebrities and influencers like Jennifer Grey and Kate Middleton, who shared her images on Instagram.

With less than two weeks until the US Presidential election, we caught up with Parsons to learn more about the project, her ongoing activism, and her penchant for marrying great copy with great design.

How Julia Chesky Turned Early Social Influence Into Photographing Content Brands Love

Julia Chesky’s early days on LiveJournal and Tumblr inspired brands to work with her to create social specific content. 

For the past two decades, Julia Chesky has watched and rolled with the constant shifts of the digital industry and the increasing demand for buzzy, of-the-moment content. For Chesky, it’s an exciting challenge. The impermanence of her work and trying to create something that will stop consumers in the scroll is a fulfilling process.

The Luupe speaks with Chesky on her journey from her personal work on Tumblr, to working with brands like Samsung Mobile, On The Rhox, Chloé, Calvin Klein, Toyota, and Nars Cosmetics.

Powerful Portraits of New York City Healthcare Workers

Luupe photographer Claudia Paul documented the hard work and resilience of healthcare workers treating COVID patients at Mount Sinai Hospital.

When she took on an assignment to photograph healthcare workers at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Claudia Paul had to quickly adapt to the chaotic environment. It was much different from her usual work, where she has more control over time and creative direction.

Through the chaos, she photographed quiet moments both in and out of the hospital. She paired powerful, emotional portraits with images of healthcare workers working tirelessly behind the scenes.

We spoke with Paul to hear about her experience, and to learn more about the powerful project she just launched.

A New Photography Book Empowers Modern American Witches

Photographer Frances F. Denny’s intimate portraits show the diverse faces of modern witchcraft in the United States. 

Frances F. Denny’s new photography book, Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America (out Nov. 10th) is a culmination of her travels across the United States photographing and interviewing modern-day witches. This largely misunderstood and historically castigated group includes herbalists, occultists, and Wiccan high priestesses, among others, and challenges commonly held, sexist stereotypes of the evil, broom-riding “hag.”

Denny’s portraits are as diverse as the witches she photographs. They push viewers to reconsider our preconceptions of what it means to be a witch and to acknowledge their humanity. For Denny, Major Arcana also parallels an ongoing climate of silencing women in the wake of MeToo and 2018’s Kavanaugh hearings. They are a form of resistance and empowerment.

The Luupe spoke with Denny to learn more

The Luupe’s New Look

The Luupe’s site update makes it easier for brands and photographers around the world to connect and collaborate.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been updating our platform and website to help brands and photographers find each other to tell powerful stories together.

Our update showcases our benefits for photographers and brands and provides a deeper dive into The Luupe’s founding vision and guiding principles. It also includes a robust visual refresh and a deeper focus on some of the extraordinary photographers in our 200+ photographer community. Look out for case studies from forward-looking brands like Dropbox and Cha Cha Matcha.

We zero in on what the experience is like being a part of the Luupe. We provide a step by step guide for photographers and brands to better understand how our platform works and how to be a part of it.