Ten Inspiring Campaigns That Pushed for Progress in 2020

The Luupe highlights gender and culture-positive marketing and advertising campaigns that moved our team in a tumultuous year.

In 2020, many brands and agencies stepped up (or maintained an already strong track record) to acknowledge and support the need for change and hone their messaging to include more empathetic and forward-thinking ideas and practices.

From Wieden + Kennedy’s clear and direct statement on their commitment to Black lives to Apple’s eloquent embrace of the power of women, agencies are taking a stand. And although not overtly political, Frida Mom’s hilarious and straight-up “don’t be a dick” campaign to support empathy for new mothers resonated with the parents on our team. While it’s not the first time that brands have embraced progressive ideas, and no brand is immune to a problematic past, it marks a revitalized commitment that we hope will continue.

Below are ten of the many campaigns that made an impact on our team in 2020.

How Social Media is Helping This Photographer Expand Her Business

The Luupe speaks with Steph Bolton aka Phoenix Michele about her innovative use of social media to expand her client base.

After starting a fashion blog with a friend, Steph Bolton realized just how important visual content is for brands. This led her to create a practical, helpful one-stop studio under the pseudonym Phoenix Michele Photography.

As Phoenix Michele, Bolton not only photographs her clients but also helps them brainstorm the most beneficial way to use the content they create.

Bolton uses Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to promote her work, empower creatives, and build her client base. You can catch her weekly Instagram live series, “The Late Happy Hour” where she offers all kinds of Instagram tips and tricks.

We interviewed Bolton to learn more.

Open Call for Womxn Commercial Photographers

The Luupe is expanding our community of professional womxn commercial photographers.

We’re a community of photographers collaborating with today’s biggest brands to tell diverse, expansive stories about our ever-evolving world.

If you have experience photographing for brands, we want to see your work!

To get started, create an account HERE and follow the prompts.

What we’re looking for:

  • Years of experience photographing for brands and/or high profile editorial clients.
  • Experience with studio and natural lighting.
  • Experience working with stylists (not mandatory, but it helps!)
  • Unique eye, energy and personal vision.
  • Cultural and geographical diversity – we work with brands all over the world.
  • Portrait, lifestyle, interior, food, beauty, fashion, and product photographers are our biggest priorities, but we’re open to a range of commercial work.

What it means to be part of The Luupe:

  • We make it easy to build relationships with industry peers.
  • We’ll help you with logistics and workflow and handle the admin to free up your time to create.
  • We negotiate fair and respectful rates for our photographers
  • We’ll also help you license existing content.
  • You’ll get extra eyes on your work, marketing you on our blog and to our rapidly growing Instagram following.
  • You’ll join our inclusive community of creators changing how brands tell their stories.

We’re accepting submissions on a rolling basis, but we’d love to see your work TODAY.
Send us your stuff!

Questions? Email us at hi@theluupe.com

We can’t wait to see your work.

Women* Positive Print and Photobook Sales to Support This Holiday Season

The Luupe highlights print, zine, and photobook sales from support-worthy women* photographers and organizations as the year comes to a close.

Here at The Luupe, we firmly believe in supporting and amplifying women* run businesses and creative projects this holiday season. This is especially important this year, as freelance photographers face ongoing financial struggles related to the pandemic.

Below are some of our favorite print, photobook, and zine sales from women* photographers, non-profits, collectives, and independently-run print shops at incredibly affordable prices. Check ’em out and show your support!

Celebrating Ourselves: Self-Portraits by Women and Non-Binary Photographers

From selfies to elaborately crafted self-portraits, these photographs showcase the many ways we represent ourselves.

More women* than ever before are taking commercial and editorial assignments and shaping narratives on our own terms.

For many women, non-binary and transgender photographers, self-portraiture is a means to celebrate our bodies, perspectives, and visibility.

In these self-portraits, we show our many stories, our confidence, and our vulnerability.
We celebrate our power to shape our own image.

Editors’ note: Have a self-portrait you’d like us to feature? Tag it on Instagram with @TheLuupe #InTheLuupe and a sentence about why it’s meaningful to you. We’ll add our favorites to this growing collection…