Dana Scruggs and The New Black Vanguard: Transforming the Language of Fashion Photography

A new photography book and traveling exhibition highlights Black artists changing the language of fashion photography. The Luupe speaks with one of its most innovative photographers, Dana Scruggs. 

In every generation, a photography book comes along and captures the zeitgeist with perfect aplomb.  The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion (Aperture) is just that. Independent writer, curator, and critic Antwaun Sargent brings together 15 contemporary Black artists including Arielle Bobb-Willis, Nadine Ijewere, Namsa Leuba, Renell Medrano, Ruth Ossai, Adrienne Raquel, and Dana Scruggs, who are transforming the language of fashion photography by centering the aesthetics of the African diaspora in their work.

How Jill Greenberg Revolutionized Contemporary Commercial Photography 

As a child, Jill Greenberg intuitively understood that the world is a stage upon which she could construct scenes to photograph the pleasures and pathos of life. “It was never documentary for one minute,” she says with a laugh, over a cup of tea in her New York loft.

Greenberg’s passion for portraiture began as an extension of her drawing practice. “I don’t draw from life; I draw from people in my head,” she says. “They are theatrically funny, surreal, and cartoon-y. There are a lot of different styles that I do but it all comes back to portraiture. It’s identity, expression, emotion, angles, light, beauty, color, and design all mixed together.”

Photographer Clarissa Bonet Wins Prestigious Hasselblad Award

Earlier this week, Hasselblad selected Luupe Photographer Clarissa Bonet as the X You grand prize winner for her pivotal fusion of street, fashion, and fine art photography. Bonet has made a name for herself over the past decade with elaborately staged street photographs, breaking the genre’s traditions with fresh, unexpected and sometimes controversial energy.

Financial Times Photo Director Emma Bowkett Guides Editorial Decisions with an Artful Eye

Emma Bowkett is a busy woman. As the acclaimed London-based Director of Photography at The Financial Times, photography is on her mind and eyes all the time. She is highly active in the photography community, is a university visiting lecturer and regularly takes part in portfolio reviews, art fairs, and awards.

Bowkett, whose background is deep in the art photography world frequently faces and tackles an interesting challenge: how to segue that knowledge and experience into the world of business and editorial photography.

Luupe photographer and Rocket Science Magazine founder Pauline Magnenat spoke with Emma to learn more about her career, what she looks for when assigning a story and what she hopes to see in 2020.

Summer Murdock: All About The Light

Utah-based photographer Summer Murdock uses light, split-second intuition and deep connection with her subjects to turn everyday moments into magical stories. The quirky stuff kids do, the great outdoors, and the high pressure of working with four (often uncooperative) children as her muses have helped her think to quickly and approach every situation with energy and ease.

Whether it’s capturing her own family adventures or photographing large scale advertising campaigns, Murdock’s photographs are full of narrative power. But really, it’s all about the light.

Luupe photographer Michelle McSwain spoke with Murdock to learn more about her work and some tips for landing top clients.