100 Visions of Motherhood

A collection of photographs and words celebrating the complexities of motherhood, curated by The Luupe.

Motherhood is complicated. It’s filled with love, joy, struggle, beauty, and sorrow. To celebrate these many layers, we invited photographers from around the world to share images that represent its many possibilities. Becoming a mother, being a child, the struggle to conceive, the exhilaration of birth, the delight in watching them grow, and the drive to protect them.

The complexities and nuances, and even the decision not to become a mother, and the fear and inevitable loss that comes with all of this. And then – the pandemic. These 100 images represent a global and intergenerational take on motherhood’s many forms.

A Wild and Unexpected View Into Everyday Life

The Luupe speaks with photographer Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet aka Poupay about her passion for turning the ordinary into something astoundingly surreal.

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet makes us look at the world in an entirely new way. Discarded masks are living, breathing, even glowing reminders of the strangeness of everyday life. Piles of trash shimmer and shine. A fire extinguisher in a floral-wallpapered hair salon becomes an object of delight. A bottle of sanitizer – magically psychedelic.

This intuitive and unexpected gaze on the mundane has landed her dream editorial commissions, frequently shooting stories for The New York Times, New York Magazine, and Wired.

While much of her work deals a quick visual punch, her approach is malleable and sensitive, allowing her to cover urgent events such as protests against anti-Asian hate with a thoughtful lens.

This Photographer Duo Builds and Styles Life, In Studio, From Scratch

Photographers Michelle Gerard and Jenna Belevender create daily scenes and retro magic in the time of social distancing and beyond.

Detroit-based photographer-stylist dream team Michelle Gerard and Jenna Belvender recreate life for brands inside their studio. They’ve fabricated everything from diners, log cabins, and campy, 70s-horror-movie-inspired motels to grocery store conveyor belts. Collaborating with innovative independent food and lifestyle brands, G+B reimagines their clients’ visions with punch, sparkle, and a wink and a nod to the past and future.

Their innovative studio practice took on new meaning over the past year under quarantine, a resourceful means of staying productive when travel was impossible. We connected to learn more.

Open Call: Visions of Motherhood

The Luupe is hosting an open call for photography celebrating the complexities of motherhood.

Mother’s Day has taken on new meaning in the past year amidst quarantine, global movements for racial equity, and beyond. To celebrate and honor its nuances, The Luupe is hosting an open call for photography celebrating motherhood, which we’ll highlight on The Luupe’s blog on Mother’s Day 2021.

Show us your struggles, joys, and memories. A portrait of your mom, a self-portrait, a still-life reflecting on a memory, an old family snapshot, an abstract gesture. We want to see what motherhood means to you and your community, looking back and looking forward.

This call is open to all women and non-binary photographers.

Submission guidelines:

The Secret to Powerful Celebrity Portraiture is Empathy and Insight

Photographer Emily Assiran’s intuitive take on photographing public figures.

Confident adaptability, insight, and empathy are just a few words that shape celebrity photographer Emily Assiran’s widely successful career and practice. From Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams to Lizzo, Assiran reimagines the essence of public figures, telling their stories with a bold yet always-listening lens.

Most recently, Assiran photographed Jane Fraser, Citibank’s first-ever female CEO for Wall Street Journal, using graphic geometric and linear backgrounds to convey a message of force and approachability. We caught up recently to discuss Assiran’s always exciting portraiture, creative philosophies, and how research goes a long way.